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Sheriff and Court Report 2-26-2020

The following information reflects the actual filed documents or docket entries which are considered to be public record and contained in the official case files. The information provided herein includes the offense(s) with which an individual was charged/cited and the disposition(s) if the case has been concluded. No information is contained herein regarding charges/citations that have been expunged pursuant to state law. The information is subject to change at any time. It is important to note the Tennessee General Assembly has made it a criminal offense for information to be made public once it has been expunged pursuant to T.C.A. 40-32-101. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you update any search before using the information for official purposes. In no event shall The Tomahawk be held liable for damage of any nature, direct or indirect, arising from the use of this information


Deborah A Adams
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol
$3,000- Aaa Bonding Pd
Judgment 1-5-17
16-Cr-91/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband
Court Cost And Fines Pif 10-22-19

Joseph Ray Barry
Prob Viol
No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 7-12-19
16-Cr-111/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Leaving Scene Of Accident

Peggy Fritts Blevins
Payment Compliance
Probation Violation Summons 8/12/11
5672/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dui 2nd
Ct-2/ Dorl 1st
5729/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dui 2nd
Ct-2/ Dorl

John Dillon Church
$2,500 Tn Bonding
18-Cr-193/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less

Morgan Church
Probation Viol ,$5,000-Aaa Bonding
To Have Atty
Judgment 2-27-17
16-Cr-23/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Over $1,000

Shannon Kris Clark
$5,000- Bail Fast Bonding
19-Cr-162/ Tdoc
Ct-1/ Introduction Contraband
19-Cr-201/ Tdoc
$5,000- Tn Bonding
Ct-1/ Sexual Contact With Inmate
19-Cr-202/ Tdoc
Summons Only
Ct-1/ Official Misconduct

Millie Sue Dugger
$25,000 Deed Of Trust
20-Cr-3/ Mcpd
Ct-1/ Financial Exploration Of Elderly Or Vulnerable Person
Ct-2/ Identity Theft

William Barney Dugger
Motion To Lower Fines
6175/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Initiate Process To Manufacture Meth
Ct-2/ Felony Poss Drug Para 6183/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Felony Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/ Felony Poss Sch Iii

Robert Lynn Fletcher
Probation Viol 1
$3,000- Aaa Bonding
Probation Viol 2
No Bond- Jail
18-Cr-166/ Jcsd
Judgment 11-22-19
Ct-1/ Simple Poss Meth
Ct-2/ Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-4/ Evading Arrest

Fantasia Justice Garland
Probation Viol
$3,000- Sanford & Sons Bonding
Judgment 7-2-19
18-Cr-116/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Identity Theft
Ct-2/ Unauthorized Use Motor Vehicle
18-Cr-129/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Identity Theft

Marty Guy Greenwell
$30,000 Deed Of Trust
To Have Atty
19-Cr-188/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell Or Deliver

Jennifer Nicole Jennings
$25,000 Deed Of Trust
20-Cr-4/ Mcpd
Ct-1/ Fin Exploitation Of Elderly Or Vulnerable Person
Ct-2/ Identity Theft

Bobby Ray Mounts
$20,000- Aaa Bonding
To Have Atty
19-Cr-161/ Jcsd
Ct-1-3/ Sale Meth .5 Or More
Ct-4-6/ Conspiracy To Sell Or Deliver Meth .5 Or More

Ira Marshall Oaks Jr
Violation Comm Corrections
No Bond-Jail
Judgment 3-23-15
14-Cr-120/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Attempt To Obtain Narcotics By Fraud

Edwin Blake Phillippi
Viol Comm Corrections
No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 2-23-18
14-Cr-45/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Introduction Contraband

Joni Dominique Price
Viol Comm Corrections
No Bond Jail Pd
Judgment 11-19-18
18-Cr-115/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Sale Sch Ii Under .5
Ct-2/ Sale Sch Ii Over .5

Tabitha Ashley Price
$1,500- Tn Bonding
19-Cr-141/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Simple Poss Sch Ii
19-Cr-142/ Jcsd
$5,000- Aaa Bonding
Ct-1-2/ Sale Meth .5 Or More
Ct-3/ Poss Drug Para
Not Indicted
Ct-4/ Criminal Conspiracy

Timothy Lewis Smith
$2,500-Aaa Bonding pd
19-Cr-194/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property $60,00 Or More Less Than $250,000

Mary Ellen Tester
$46,500 Or Bond Pd
Ct-1/ Identity Theft
Ct-2/ Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less
19-Cr-160/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth .5 Or Less
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para

Donald Derrick Vance
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol
No Bond-JailPd
Judgment 11-18-19
19-Cr-112/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Assault
Ct-2/ Theft Under $1,000

Jacqueline Elizabeth Vonronn
Arraignment Citation
To Have Atty
No Further Cont. 3x
19-Cr-138/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Drug Para
19-Cr-140/ Jcsd
$5,000- Aaa Bonding
Ct-1-3/ Sale Meth .5 Grams Or More
Ct-4-6/ Conspiracy To Sell Or Deliver Meth .5 Or More

Thomas E Walker
Probation Viol
No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 8-16-14
5920/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Under $500
Ct-2/ Burglary
5921/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Burglary


Joseph F Ashley
Hearing/Stnaw $5,500
A-Hood Bonding Fallin
Gs-19-Cr-646/Felony Evading By Mv/Dep A Worley

Kenneth Lee Bennett
Jail- $7,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-116/Domestic Assault/Ptl J Norman

Kevin Andrew Blackburn
Jail-$3,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-124/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para

Butch A Bradford
Gs-20-Tr-13/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Left Of Center
Ct-2/Due Care

Jeffery Brinker
Gs-20-Cr-75/Jimmy Heaton
Ct-2/Criminal Trespassing

Charlotte R Corum
Gs-20-Tr-70/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Traffic Control Device
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Jessie James Corum
To Have Dl Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-693/Dosl/Dep E Martin

Jason Feltner
Gs-20-Cr-74/Simple Assault/Randy Potter-Donald Caldwell

Karen E Fletcher
Jail-$5,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-108/Shoplifting/Ptl J Norman Jail-$1,500 Bond

Robert Lynn Fletcher
$22,500 Aaa Bonding
Gs-20-Cr-22/Cpl A Worley
Ct-1/Resisting Arrest
Ct-2/Felony Evading By Mv
Ct-3/Reckless Endangerment
Ct-4/Due Care
Ct-5/Use Of Off Highway Motor Vehicle

Dennis Ray Fritts
Jail-$8,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-113/Dep C Ingle
Ct-1/Dorl For Dui 3rd
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Unlawful Poss Firearm By Convicted Felon

Dawn Leslie Gothard
Gs-20-Tr-58/Ptl C Hatley
Ct-1/Pedestrian Right Of Way
Ct-2/Due Care

Michael L Greever
$15,000 Blanket Bond-Aaa Bonding Canter
Gs-19-Cr-806/Theft Under $10,000-Consp/Inv C Gladden
Gs-20-Cr-49/Resisting Arrest/Dep D Hicks

Jordan Deshawn Grubb
Jud Div Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-44/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Ptl Z Reece

Jamie S Hardin
Status Jail-No Bond
Gs-20-Cr-102/Fugitive From Justice/Lt M Cress

Zachary S Hatley
To Have Atty Hardin
Gs-19-Cr-952/Agg Domestic Assault/Inv C Gladden
Gs-20-Cr-84/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Violation Order Protection Jail-No Bond
Ct-2/Agg Burglary Jail-$10,000 Bond

Dylan Matthew Lunceford
Gs-20-Cr-114/Dep J Roberts Jail- $7,500 Bond
Ct-1/Theft Over $1,000
Gs-20-Cr-115/Violation Bond Conditions/Dep J Ferguson Jail-No Bond

Jason L May
Gs-20-Tr-43/Traffic Control Device/Dep R Norris

Kody L May
$31,500 Deed Of Trust
Gs-20-Cr-47/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para

Johnathan L Miller
Hearing/Stnaw Fallin
Gs-19-Cr-854/Dogs At Large/Fred Phipps
Gs-19-Cr-855/Dep R Norris $6,000 Aaa Bonding
Cts 1-2/Offense Of Owning Dangerous Dog
Cts 3-4/Dogs Running At Large

Justin B Pardue
Preliminary Hearing $15,000
Tn Bonding Canter
Gs-19-Cr-300/Agg Assault/Dep R Norris

Bradley S Parker
Tbd If Pif $2,500 Aaa Bonding
Gs-19-Cr-885/Felony Worthless Check Over $1,000/Lt M Mullins

Charles Richard Parker
$5,000 Or Bond
Gs-19-Cr-875/Criminal Contempt/Ada L Marshall

Jarrett August Potter
Gs-19-Tr-801/Dep A Worley

Christopher Prosise
Preliminary Hearing
$500.00 Property Bond Canter
Gs-19-Cr-889/Agg Domestic Assault/Dep R Norris

Jacob Ray Rash
Jail-$5,000 Bond Pd

Austin E Roark Jail-$1,500
Gs-20-Cr-122/Theft Under $1,500/Dep B Sexton

Brandon Lee Roark
$5,000 Aaa Bonding
Gs-19-Cr-576/Evading By Mv/Dep A Worley
$5,000 Tn Bonding

Jacob A Roten
Jail-$4,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-111/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Dosl 2nd
Ct-2/Light Law
Ct-3/Registration Violation

Roye Dean Spicer
Jud Div $7,500 Tn Bonding Pro Se
Gs-18-Cr-916/Domestic Assault/Chief Inv S Brown

Christopher Allen Stevens
Preliminary Hearing Jail-$350,000 Pd
Gs-20-Cr-76/Lt M Cress
Cts 1-2/Rape Of Child
Cts 3-7/Agg Sexual Battery
Ct-8/Sexual Battery

Jeffery A Stout
Gs-20-Tr-39/Light Law/Dep R Norris

Terry Charles Taylor
Jail-$34,000 Bond Pro Se
Gs-20-Cr-105/Dep C Ingle
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/Poss Stolen Property Under $10,000
Ct-3/Dosl 1st

Nicholas Seth Thompson
$1,500 Tn Bonding
Gs-20-Cr-112/Dorl/Ptl J Norman

Kody Randel Watson
Gs-20-Tr-60/Speeding/Dep R Norris

Tandy C Williams
Jail-$29,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-123/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Dorl 10th
Ct-2/Felony Evading
Ct-3/Due Care
Ct-4/Reckless Endangerment

Tiffany Amber Williams
Gs-20-Cr-15/Inv B Sutherland
Cts 1-2/Identity Theft
Cts 3-4/Theft




02/07/2020            Kimberly D Greer, Elizabethton, Public Intoxication, Possession Of Schedule II Drugs

02/07/2020            Dylan A Mcmurry, Chicago Il, Attempting To Obtain Narcotics By Fraud, Tampering Or Fabricating Evidence

02/07/2020            Dustin R Miller, Bulldog Rd, Felony Sale Of Methamphetamines X2

02/08/2020            Zepeda M Castro, Hwy 421 N, Driving Under The Influence, Child Endangerment X 2

02/08/2020            Fernando Ramos, Hospital Hill Rd, Violation Of Child Restraint Law, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Injuries, Driving                                       Under The Influence, Child Endangerment X 2, Driving Without A Drivers License

02/09/2020            Stephen D Meredith, Dunn Ln, Violation Of Order Of Protection Or Restraining Order

02/10/2020            Samuel Arnold, Waddell Rd, Public Intoxication, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

02/10/2020            Thomas H Mccauley Iii, Johnson City, Assault As Domestic Violence

02/11/2020            David B Tripplett, Pinecrest St, Theft Of Property O/$1,000, Violation Of Probation

02/12/2020            Elizabeth L Donnelly, Hwy 91n, Violation Of Probation

02/13/2020            Matthew A Robinson, Slimp Branch Rd, Failure To Appear For Booking/Processing