01/25/2019 Jeffersson A Antonio, Jackson St, Driving Under The Influence, Driving Without A Drivers License
01/25/2019 Stacy T Leonard, Waddell Rd, Theft Of Property U/$1,000, Theft O/$10,000 X 2, Aggravated Burglary
01/25/2019 Brittany C Matheson, Village Square Ln, Aggravated Child Abuse And Neglect X 2
01/25/2019 Kaleb N Mcwhorter, Burley Shoun Ln, Failure To Appear
01/25/2019 Matthew V Pennington, Gentry Creek Rd, Capias
01/25/2019 Blake E Phillippi, Cross Mountain Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence
01/25/2019 Bradley R Price, W Main St, Violation Of Community Corrections X 2
01/26/2019 Zachary G Eastridge, Grover Reece Rd, Failure To Appear X 2
01/27/2019 Charissa A Blevins, Brinkley Rd, Simple Possession, Driving Under The Influence, Violation Of Open Container Law In A Vehicle, Driving On Suspended Drivers License
01/27/2019 Dallas T Ferguson, Trout Run Rd, Violation Of Probation
01/27/2019 Douglas Z Mcmillan, Eller Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence
01/27/2019 Matthew L Widner, Forge Rd, Violation Of Probation
01/28/2019 Wendy L Hansen, Crackers Neck Rd, Driving Under The Influence
01/28/2019 Penny S Lipford, Hampton Tn, Violation Of Probation
01/28/2019 Laurel A Miller, Bulldog Rd, Aggravated Assault With A Vehcile As Domestic Violence, Assault
01/28/2019 Bobbie M Perry, Noah Snyder Rd, Worthless Checks
01/28/2019 Tracy S Proffitt, Hillcrest Rd, Felony False Report
01/29/2019 Elizabeth A Carr, Morefield Rd, Driving Under The Influence
01/29/2019 Wayne C Cook Jr, Pine Orchard, Failure To Appear For Booking And Processing
01/29/2019 Brandon L Hicks, Village Square Ln, Criminal Trespassing, Felony Failure To Appear, Violation Of Bond Conditions
01/29/2019 William M Oxentine, Hwy 421 N, Violation Of Probation
01/30/2019 Karan M Calloway, Lenoir Nc, Possession Of Schedule Iv Drugs For Resale, Simple Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs, Possession Of Legend Drugs X 2
01/30/2019 Yolande Hartley, Dry Stone Branch Rd, Simple Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
01/30/2019 Zara L Mcneal, Crackers Neck Rd, Violation Of Community Corrections, Attachment – Failure To Pay Child Support
01/30/2019 Ryan A Miller, Harbin Hill Rd, Driving Under The Influence
01/30/2019 Kevin J Roberts, Hampton Tn, Failure To Appear
01/31/2019 Nickey R Gentry, Gentry Cemetary Rd, Driving Left Of Center, Felony Reckless Endangerment, Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest By Motor Vehcile, Driving On Revoked Drivers License, Driving Under The Influence
01/31/2019 Alex M Casto, Rainbow Rd, Violation Of Probation
01/31/2019 Addie E Mahala, Damascus Va, Possession Of Scheudle Ii Drugs, Driving On Suspended Drivers License
01/31/2019 Delza D Noble, Reece Hill Rd, Dogs Not Allowed At Large
01/31/2019 Jonthan M Shelton, Johnson Hollow Rd, Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest, Possession Of Schedule Ii Drugs, Violation Of Probation, Possession Of Legend Drugs, Attachment – Failure To Pay Child Support