01/18/2019 Aaron L Alvarez, Fairground Ln, Driving Under The Influence, No Drivers License
01/18/2019 Jesus G Castillo, Chapel Hill Nc, Driving Without A Drivers License
01/18/2019 Fantasia J Garland, Hwy 67 W, Presentment – Failure To Appear
01/18/2019 Daniel L Harper, Piercetown Rd, Simple Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs
01/18/2019 Heather B Maze, Cold Springs Rd, Violation Of Probation
01/18/2019 Bobby S Morefield, Slabtown Rd, Driving Under The Inlfuence
01/18/2019 Amanda C Sluder, Wayne Ln, Cruelty To Animals X 2
01/18/2019 Jennifer K Walton, West Jefferson Nc, Overtaking/Passing A School, Youth, Or Church Bus, Marking Disembarking Passengers
01/19/2019 Ginger L Burleson, B.R. Ward Ln, Tampering Or Fabricating Evidence, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
01/19/2019 Jordan S Dixon, Boone Nc, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs For Resale
01/19/2019 Christopher W Wilson, Boone Nc, Capias, Violation Of Probation
01/19/2019 Dallas T Ferguson, Trout Run Rd, Public Intoxication
01/19/2019 Crystal L Greer, Spear Branch Rd, False Report To Authorities, Resisting Stop, Frisk, Halt, Arrest Or Search
01/19/2019 James E Greer, Pedro Shoun Ln, Attachment – Contempt Of Court
01/19/2019 Jared N Ingersoll, Creston Nc, Driving Under The Influence
01/19/2019 Cary L Johnson, Aggravated Assault On An Officer X 3, Reckless Endangerment, Trespass By Vehcile, Vandalsim, Tampering Or Fabricating Evidence, Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest, Violation Of Community Corrections, Reckless Drivng, Habitual Motor Offender
01/19/2019 Nathan C Severt, Creston Nc, Criminal Simulation, Possession Of Firearm While In Commission Of A Felony, Possession Of Scheudle Vi Drugs For Resale, Violation Of Probation X 2
01/19/2019 Victoria L Sproles, Colberson Ln, Possession Of Schedule Ii Drugs, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs
01/20/2019 Justin T Banner, Roan Creek Rd, Failure To Appear
01/20/2019 Rodney L Henson, Harbin Hill Rd, Felony Possession Of Schedule Ii Drugs, Simple Possession Of Scheudle Vi Drugs, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
01/20/2019 Terry W Snyder, Sleepy Hollow Rd, Possession Of Legend Drugs
01/21/2019 James R Bennett, Hwy 421 N, Misuse Of 911 System, False Report To Authorities, Violation Of Probation
01/21/2019 Jason T Matheson, Lakeview Dr, Theft O/$1,000 < $10,000
01/21/2019 Buffy Pendergraft, Slabtown Rd, Violation Of Community Corrections X 2
01/21/2019 Brandon L Stanton, Draft Rd, Assault, Simple Possession
01/22/2019 John G Coe, N Church St, Vandalism Over $1,000
01/22/2019 Christopher Doucette, Greenville Tn, Violation Of Probation
01/22/2019 Norman D Miller, Hwy 67W, Assault As Domestic Violence
01/22/2019 Candace M Valentino, N Church St, Vandalism O/$1,000
01/23/2019 Kenneth W Brown, Zioville Nc, Aggravated Assault On An Officer, Resisting Arrest, Possession Of Scheudle Iii Drugs With Intent To Resale, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Manufacture/Deliver/Sell Of Methamphetamine
01/23/2019 Michael J Carroll, Blountville Tn, Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less, Fogery $2500>$10,000
01/23/2019 Randal Pleasant Jr, Daisy Dr, Assault As Domestic Violence, Kidnapping, Vandalism
01/23/2019 Ronald A Reagon, S Church St, Criminal Trespassing
01/24/2019 Sandra J Worley, Hwy 421 N, Resisting Arrest, Driving Under The Influence – Third Offense