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Shady Valley Fire Department

fire engines

By Marlana Ward
Freelance Writer

Shady Valley VFD members train hard to provide a fast and experienced response when emergencies arise. The department includes active members, auxiliary members, and also junior members all ready to serve when needed.Serving the Shady Valley and Sutherland communities, the Shady Valley Volunteer Fire Department, which was organized in 1971 answers a wide variety of emergency calls across difficult terrain. The department’s 22 regular members, 14 auxiliary members, and 2 junior firemen work hard to provide quick and efficient response to any emergency situation.

“We provide ISO 5 fire protection, emergency medical first response, wildland fire protection, technical rescue, hazmat, as well as mountain search and rescue,” stated Shady Valley VFD Captain Kenneth McQueen. Training is a major part of the Shady Valley VFD’s mission to prepare for service to their community. “We have done 420 hours of state fire training, 280 hours of state medical training, 120 hours of rescue training, and 480 hours of in house training,” explained McQueen.

“Average firemen get 40 hours per year with some firemen getting over 100 hours per year.” The Shady Valley VFD recognizes the importance of community and department relations and how cooperation of all residents leads to a  safer neighborhood. “We would like to thank our community for their support  and donations that keep us operating,” McQueen expressed. “We would also say  thanks to our volunteer members for their dedication and service.”