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Reader’s view: Facebook users comment on election snipe signs

With the state primary and county general now just weeks away, the local landscape is now inundated with signs soliciting votes. Once again, local computer savvy residents wasted no time to express their take on the topic that, of course, included the good, the bad, and, the ugly, thus continuing the conversation for at least, until the next weekly news cycle.
Of course, we are all more than happy to see our readers comments. Here are some of our Facebook users’ thoughts and comments on the election signs covering the landscape in and around town.

Michael Hollings: Although I think of them as unsightly and can be a bit to much. They are a useful tool for those officials as long as they aren’t blocking the view of on coming traffic…. but a real problem is that to many will leave them to rot where they are long after their intended use. I’ve seen signs up to a year after the election and nothing was done about them.

Tiffany Espinoza: Putting a sign out doesn’t show me anything! I want these people to come up and actually meet them and show me what they can do. If not just a name on a board to me. I’ve met TWO people running this year! So I gotta say I hate the signs.

Janie Reece: Hate em…..blowcks ur view and distracts ur driving and just looks trashy!

John Wright: I agree with the other comments – they certainly are unsightly! What’s not clear is whether there is any teeth in the law regarding removal of the signs? (What’s the penalty for not removing them all? What does someone do if they find one past the 3 week time frame?)

Patricia Lowe Reece: It is against the law to read text messages or send text messages…what is the difference of having 5 or 6 of these signs on one corner and trying to read them? Both things are distracting.

John Nunn: Time for a change. Vote out anyone in office. All I have seen is property tax and wheel tax increase and now they want voters to approve a larger sale tax.

Rick May: I’m with Janie, legal littering.

Mary L. Shull: They make real good winter panels for beehives with screened in bottom boards! Give ‘em to a beekeeper.

Teresa Tipton: Simcox Signs don’t influence my decision on who to vote for. Work ethic matters.

Barbara Arnold-Barnhill: They don’t block the drivers view unless you’re 3 foot tall in a child’s pedal car. The candidates and their supporters pay for them. They’re a fact of life, can we please find something else to whine about?? Please!!. It will all be over soon. Have patience. Someone destroyed ALL the signs at the intersection of HWY 167 and Big Dry Run Rd. I wish I knew Who! We should be more concerned about the drink cups and fast food bags scattered along the highways! THAT’S TRASHY! I will personally assist in picking up signs when the election is over. Why not be proactive instead of reactive?