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Pregnancy Center rewards parents for smoking cessation

The Pregnancy Support Center of Johnson County serves pregnant women and those with babies up to one year of age with a wide variety of beneficial programs, services, and needed items. The center is a non-denominational Christian ministry with services that include a 24-hour help line, pre-natal education, information on parenting and adoption, education of the risks and complications from abortion, referrals for housing, baby clothing and equipment including diapers, wipes, and clothes and ultrasounds. The Pregnancy Support Center of Johnson County is funded by grants and donations and through efforts of highly trained volunteers. All programs and services are available to all expecting or new families with babies less than 12 months of age residing in Johnson County. There are no income restrictions involved, any pregnant or new mom is welcome and encouraged to participate.
It’s not just about pre-and post-natal education at the Pregnancy Support Center of Johnson County. The program fully supports the family through emotional and physical needs. The ministry accomplishes this in a variety of ways including the Mommy program that provides new and used items that are available for purchase at the center. These items are in the ”Mommy Mart” and can be “purchased” using Mommy Money earned through participation. Mommy Money is earned while you learn by attending the many educational classes available, including breastfeeding, church attendance, taking your child to doctor’s checkups, WIC or Hugs appointments, hours worked at a job or in school, job interviews and applications, checking and savings accounts, grades if in school, story time at the library, earning a GED, graduating high school, pre-natal classes, obtaining a driver’s license and bringing in a referral to the program. Items available include accessories such as blankets, sheets, books, towels, and diaper bags to name a few, clothes, shoes, and equipment like cribs, car seats, and strollers and much more.
There is also a free crib program for those who express a need. 10 documented visits to the center will earn you a new crib. In addition to the items you can purchase and the crib program, diapers and wipes are given to program attendees as well as personal hygiene items for the Mom. Ultrasounds are also available with a scheduled appointment free of charge.
In addition to pre-natal classes, the educational programs include topics such as nutrition, how your baby grows, how alcohol, drugs, and smoking affect your baby, benefits of breast feeding, and preparing for labor. Once your baby arrives, there are classes that offer information on crying and colic, car safety, cord care, safe sleep among many more topics are available. The purpose of the center and its programs are to provide the women of our county with material, emotional, and spiritual resources. Program volunteer Jackie Grindstaff says, “It is a ministry and we love the ladies where they are at in their journey.” Grindstaff goes on to say that many of the classes including smoking cessation are available for Dads as well as Moms.
In 2010 the Tennessee Department of Health listed Johnson County as leading the state in low birth weight births. That same year the Johnson County Pregnancy Support Center opened in Johnson County to combat the low birth weight issue through support and available prenatal care. Visions for future programs and partnering with the medical community to address the needs of pregnant women and their children are always at the heart of the centers agenda.  Positive outcomes are being realized through the program as birth weights and overall prenatal care has improved since the centers opening in 2010.
The center is located at 917 Crossroads Drive in Mountain City. They are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm or call 423-727-8600 for more information or to make an appointment. Anyone expecting a baby or with a newborn is invited to call or visit. The community supports this ministry via donations as well as donations of gently used maternity and baby clothes up to 2T, as well as used equipment and supplies.