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Our readers’ view: KFC and Taco Bell

New Taco Bell and KFC to be built in Mountain City lights up local Facebook users

As expected, the pair of recent articles about the construction of two new restaurants, Taco Bell and KFC, now underway in Mountain City, prompted Facebook users to post a wide range of comments on the topic. The good, the bad, and of course, the ugly were all represented in the various posts including the ones from those that may have very little to do with supporting or assisting the community. Some of the latter, while the most entertaining were especially slighting, perhaps in hopes of bringing some attention to what local officials and community representatives do not.

Here are some of our Facebook users’ thoughts and comments about the two new eateries soon to open in town.

Fulenwider Enterprises: We are so excited to be joining the Mountain City Community! If you are interested in applying for a position with either KFC or Taco Bell, please visit our website to fill out an application or stop by the construction site for an open interview! We host open interview days every Wednesday and Saturday! Thanks to the Community for making us feel so welcome—we are so excited to open!

Jean DeLong: That’s what you all need there, some more junk food places. Guess it will never change there as long as everybody is happy with cheap junk food!….For my taste the best restaurant in town is Suba’s and is always good. I’ve never been disappointed in their food, which is more than I can say for a lot of the restaurants in Mountain City…

Ted Barnhart: Mountain city needs booze to make it grow, no booze, no fun, no growth. Who wants to open a good restaurant when you cant get a nice glass of wine or a beer with your meal. Mountain City is destined to be a junk food meca in a dry county.

Kimberly Frake: Need a Dunkin Donuts.

Kathleen Maurice: Obviously the Taco Bell will not be of the new cantina style since the town leaders would go into cardiac arrest if beer or wine was sold within city limits.

Beverly Gorski: Not crazy about taco Bell, would like more southern food restaurants.

Ben Jones: How will the new KFC business be against Sherry & J.p.’s Chicken House? Mountain City is not really large enough for TWO chicken houses.

Patty Wright: Wow Mountain City finally coming up in the world.

Mary L. Shull: Need Captain D’s instead of Heart Burn Bell.