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October 2017 in review

Since 1916, Parkdale Industries has worked to become a leader in the textile industry. In addition to celebrating 101 years as a company, on Friday, October 6, company executives, retail partners, and government officials gathered in Mountain City to celebrate the relationships which help not only Parkdale to continue to be an industry leader in American manufacturing. “I thank Parkdale Mills for the magnitude of this project in Johnson County,” said Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter.
The Tomahawk was contacted recently by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) requesting information about a body that was found in 1977 in Johnson County. Forty years later the middle-age male remains unidentified. We are reaching out to our readers that lived in the area during this time that might have information helpful l to the investigation. Articles that appeared in The Tomahawk in December of 1977 recount a gruesome tale of some two dozen elderly men living in the abandoned buildings and grounds of the property known as the Shady Mountain Orchard.
The weight of sadness can be felt in the Johnson County Courthouse. One of their own, Jerry Farmer, known to all as “Farmer,” passed away suddenly on Friday, September 29, while he was on duty at the courthouse. Farmer was 67 years old. Despite attempts to revive him, he passed away from a heart attack. The county’s commissioners, officials, and department heads assembled at the local courthouse to discuss monthly business at the Johnson County Commission meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2017. One of the first items of business addressed by the commission was to officially recognize and voice appreciation for Jerry Farmer’s service to Johnson County.