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Mountain City Elementary School celebrates reading

Choosing a favorite book can be a difficult task. However, that was not the case as evidenced by the numerous projects that were displayed at the Mountain City Elementary Reading Fair on October 26, 2017. Students in each grade level were provided with guidelines and challenged to enter creative individual and grade level projects.
Pre-K/Head Start and sixth grade students were represented by grade level projects.
Winners were: Kindergarten – Mrs. Wills’ Class: 1st Place-Sara Beth Pennington, 2nd-Ethan Wilson, and 3rd-Mason Gregg; Ms. Guinn’s Class: 1st Place-Nyiah Reece, 2nd-Ellie Beth Icenhour, and 3rd-Kylee Cannon; Mrs. Eckert’s Class: 1st Place-McKenzie Jennings, 2nd-Haley Jones, and 3rd-Lily Berger;
First Grade – Mrs. Arnold’s Class: 1st Place-Camden Johnson, 2nd-Avery Blevins and Clara Wilson, and 3rd-Tanner Leonard and McKynlee Smith; Mrs. Cook’s Class: 1st Place-Logan Gladden, 2nd-Evan Stamper, and 3rd-Judith Lunceford; Mrs. Trista Wilson’s Class: 1st Place-Reece Bulliner, 2nd-Kearstan Jennings, and 3rd-Katelynn Marshall; Ms. Hyder’s Class: 1st Place-River Burgess, 2nd-Reese Wells, and 3rd-Amillia Eckert;
Second grade – Mrs. Dunn’s Class: 1st Place-Eli Norris, 2nd-Liyah Hillman, and 3rd-Hunter McElyea; Ms. Lisa Wilson’s Class: 1st-Alex Wright, 2nd-Zack Lipford, and 3rd-Emilynn Sedgwick; Mrs. Cornett’s Class: 1st Place-Maddison Price, 2nd-Mckenzie Dickens, and 3rd-Sawyer Marshall;
Third Grade: Mrs. Osborne’s Class: 1st Place-Addy Snyder, 2nd-Tessa Schoolcraft, and 3rd-Karlie Jo Fletcher; Ms. McGlamery’s Class: 1st Place-Michael Gray, 2nd-Emma Brown, and 3rd-Eli Horne, Mrs. Childers’ Class: 1st Place-Michael Watson, 2nd-Jackson Bauguess, 3rd-Mayah Roark;
Fourth Grade – Mrs. Long’s Class: 1st Place-Lexi Mullins, 2nd-Eli Stamper, and 3rd-Briley Vaught, Mrs. Icenhour’s Class: 1st Place-Gracie Hammett, 2nd-Josie Grindstaff, and 3rd-Julia Crews; Mrs. Greer’s Class: 1st place-Emma Dugger, 2nd-Christopher Canter, and 3rd-Hailey McCoy;
Fifth Grade – Mrs. Shepherd’s Class: 1st Place-Allison Trivette, 2nd-Bella Lowe, and 3rd-Kylah Henley, Mrs. Chambers’ Class: 1st Place-Jasmine Cunningham, 2nd-Carter Rhudy, and 3rd-Ivy Lakatos; Ms. Parrish’s Class: 1st Place-Noah Brown, 2nd-Alyssa McElyea, and 3rd-Mimi Zaldivar. Thanks to the staff, students, and families for supporting this event and making it a good learning experience for the students. Reading can make a difference in the academic success of all children.