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Library receives grants to preserve local archives

By:  Paula Walter

Assistant Editor


Johnson County is the recipient of two state grants that will provide funds for the preservation of local archives that will be housed by the Johnson County library. The grant monies will be awarded by the State of Tennessee on Friday, February third, at the Johnson County Library.  The local archives development grant is in the amount of $7,000, and the state board programming grant that will provide funding to hire someone to start on the preservation project is the in the amount of $4,500.

According to Johnson County librarian, Linda Icenhour, the first order of business is to move the archives, mostly court records and deeds, to another location.   Currently, these records are stored in the old jail and the basement of the courthouse.  The grant monies will enable the library to process and rehouse county records, preserving the records while arranging, storing and categorizing the historic records.  “Our first priority is to move them to a new, safe location where they can be worked on,” said Icenhour.  “We will need to hire someone to sort into different categories, court records and deeds. We will begin the process of categorizing them into a database. They are only going to deteriorate further.”
The State of Tennessee has award $95,500 in the fiscal year 2016-217 for grants for improvement of local archive records up to $7,000 each across the state.  Not only are counties and city records eligible for these grant monies, but also museums, libraries, historical and non-profit organizations, colleges and universities and religious organization and any other organization that keeps and houses Tennessee’s historical records.  Applications are available for both grants  for non-governmental archives.