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Laurel Elementary boasts fall festival success

October 10, 2018

Johnson County Emergency Management Operations Officer Michael Sumner, assists Laurel Elementary School 4th grade student Karlie-Jo Fletcher, with fingerprinting during the school’s fall festival. The Sheriffs Office and Emergency Medical Services teamed up last week to provide families with copies of their children’s fingerprints while creating a fun and informative activity for students. Photo By Megan Hollaway

By Megan Hollaway
Freelance Writer

Laurel Elementary School hosted its annual fall festival last Saturday that according to school officials was once again a great success.The festivities began at 5 pm and lasted until the Auction, which began at 7:30. At the start of the celebration, the teachers of Laurel banded together in classrooms to offer attendees games and prizes. The usual activities, such as ring toss, darts, and bowling, as well as unique games like poke-a-pumpkin and Pop-the-Panther, were also included.There was also a cakewalk during this time, and the School Mascot, a Panther, roamed the halls giving high-fives to parents and hugs to students.

A face painting station prompted most everyone to be decked out. In one classroom, goldfish was a winning prize. An important booth set up was the Child Fingerprinting booth, which was a joint effort between the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and the Emergency Medical Services of Johnson County. Posing as a fun activity in which a sheriff’s deputy and EMS worker dipped the child’s fingering into ink and pressed them onto a special paper just like they would do at the police station, The fingerprinting activity also served as a resource to the community. The special paper with the prints was then given to the child’s parent or guardian and would serve as a resource should the child go missing.

The auction was set to begin following the games, face painting, and fingerprinting. According to event organizers, a total of 93 lots were on the list for the auction. The lots included furniture, artwork, gift cards, and clothing. To start the auction off, Dr. Eggers spoke about the contribution of the teachers and students who had already raised more than $3,000.

Eggers, who began working at Laurel elementary school just this August said, “This first year here is more wonderful than I could have imagined. I would like to thank the teachers, classroom assistants, the community, and parents, without whom I could not have made this happen.”

The successful auction is promising to bring in funds to help the school bring in new supplies and create better opportunities for the students.