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Johnson County’s green bean tradition continues

hill bean pickin.2 hill bean pickin.3Johnson County was once known as the green bean capitol of the world. Although Evelyn Hill’s back yard and garden won’t  harvest hundreds of bushels of green beans  like the market here years ago, it certainly was a scene reminiscent of that time.

The Hill family’s summer tradition brings kids, grandkids and an occasional neighbor together at the Shouns home place. For the most part, the adults can be found among the rows of vines picking buckets and baskets full of green beans. The kids take over then with the stringing and breaking.

If one has ideas that today’s generation knows nothing of gardening and preparing food for the winter months, the Hill grandchildren will quickly destroy that notion. Sitting underneath the shade tree at Grandma’s, nimble fingers make quick work of the freshly picked beans still warm from the summer sun.

Evelyn puts it like this, “Even if you grow up to be a millionaire, everyone should know how to grow and preserve their own food.”

Apparently the Hill family takes the old adage to heart that a little hard work never hurt anyone.