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Johnson County to honor volunteers

Renie Morrow & Sirena Wiggins
Star Award recipients Morrow & Wiggins
The Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards is an annual event held to recognize and honor the efforts of volunteers from across Tennessee. Since 2008, Volunteer Tennessee, the Governor’s State Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service, has hosted this event with the goal of having volunteers from all 95 counties represented. Their goals include displaying the ways volunteers help strengthen communities, increasing the rate of volunteerism to meet compelling needs and promoting the message that volunteering is rewarding and part of what it means to be a Tennessean. Each county across that state is asked to nominate and recognize outstanding volunteers whose service has an impact in their community. This year the Johnson County recipients are Sirrena Wiggins-Aldridge and Renie Morrow. In addition to being recognized in the county, Sirrena and Renie will be invited to attend the Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards ceremony in Franklin, TN on March 11, 2018. Sirrena is being honored as Johnson County’s adult Governor’s Volunteer Star Award recipient.

Sirrena is a 4-H and FFA alumni, as well as a graduate of both Johnson County High School and the University of Tennessee. She continues to serve as coach, mentor and role model for the youth in our community through 4-H, FFA and National Honor Society. She holds to her beliefs of “using projects, contests and activities offered in 4-H and FFA programs to help youth find their unique talents. Once these youth find their talents, we strive to ignite their passion, to increase their skill set, and learn life-long skills.” The values and leadership skills she instills in our youth is inspiring and we are appreciative and lucky to have her as a volunteer. Additionally, Sirrena has served as a volunteer leader for Watauga Extension service, Sugar Mountain youth ace league and is currently a supporter and affiliate sponsor for the National Cutting Horse Youth Association.

Renie Morrow is being recognized as Johnson County’s youth Governor’s Volunteer Stars Award recipient. She is a current member of 4-H Honor Club and Eastern Region 4-H All Stars. Additionally, she is a member of the volleyball team, student council, Spanish club, fellowship of Christian athletes, ethics club, future business leaders of America and the lifetime sports clubs at Johnson County High School. She also serves as a youth representative for the United Way of Johnson County and Johnson County School Board. Renie also takes active leadership in Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church serving as a mass server. Through her involvement with these organizations, Renie has exhibited leadership, compassion and is committed to helping others. When serving Renie not only completes tasks efficiently and on time, but also displays empathy and encouragement to those she is serving. Renie also strives for excellence and is currently enrolled in online courses through the Niswanger Foundations program in addition to her regular course load at JCHS.

Volunteer Tennessee is coordinating the Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards at the State level. Volunteer Tennessee is the 25 member bipartisan citizen board appointed by the Governor to oversee AmeriCorps and service-learning programs and to advance volunteerism and citizen service to solve community problems in the Volunteer State. For more information about Volunteer Tennessee and the Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards, please visit