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Johnson County Library to host string quartet from Knoxville Symphony

On March 29th , musicians from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra will be visiting the Johnson County Public Library as a part of their KSO Library Story Time program. Using music to activate the imaginations of young children and to enhance the story telling experience has made this program a much-loved event throughout East Tennessee libraries.
The event in March will be the first of its kind in Johnson County. Library Director Linda Icenhour is very eager to bring the program to Mountain City. “The Knoxville Symphony offered the program for interested libraries and I felt that this would be a wonderful program to have here so I took advantage of the opportunity,” Icenhour excitedly shares.
The musicians visiting the library form a string quartet that can bring stories to life as they are read aloud to preschool aged children. Icenhour explains what a family can expect when attending the performance: “First, to hear a professional string quartet from the KSO present a brief introductory piece of classical music, as well as a short piece at the conclusion of the 30-minute program. Also, to hear three children’s books presented by KSO narrator, with musical excerpts and sound effects provided by the quartet to enhance the story. Additionally, to learn a bit about the musical instruments, as well as a couple of musical terms, all tied together under this year’s theme, ‘On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!’.”
This program promises to be an exciting adventure and learning experience for those families who attend. Also, given the rich musical heritage in our community, the chance to awaken a love for stringed instruments is an exciting addition to the educational experience. “To have a group of musicians of this caliber come to Johnson County to bring music and stories to the children at no cost to the library and the county is fantastic,” says Icenhour. “We have such a rich musical history in this part of the state and I feel it is a continuation of what was past, what is present and with JAM, those young people are the future.”
The instruments featured during the performance will be the violin and cello. Though these instruments can be found in the bluegrass music that is abundant in our area, getting to experience these amazing instruments performing classical arrangements will be a fun treat for tiny ears as well as the more mature ears of the adults in attendance.
With the performance being held during the day, its target audience will be families with preschool aged children. These young children are the perfect age to be enthralled by the combination of experienced story-telling with musical accompaniment.
The Johnson County Public Library offers many programs for families and it is hoped that this program will be well received and well attended. “We offer many programs, we advertise and we hope we get a good crowd, but we can’t make people attend,” Icenhour adds. Having world class musicians traveling to Mountain City for the purpose of reaching out to young children who may otherwise lack opportunities to experience such a performance is a wonderful event for families to attend and enjoy together.
The program will be held on Wednesday, March 29th at 11:00 am at the Johnson County Public Library. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. “It’s completely free and I hope that many people will take advantage and come with your children and enjoy the performance,” encourages Icenhour.