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Johnson County EMA prepares for colder weather

October 31, 2018

Megan Hollaway
Freelance Writer

While Johnson County is beautiful in the autumn, there is something unique to the frozen wonderland that we call our home during the winter months. This natural beauty, however, does not come without a few hazards, including winter storms that can leave people stranded in homes, or even cars. That’s why the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is preparing its winter equipment and protocols, even now in the fall of the year.

“The preparations have been in place since the spring this year- it is important to be ready,” said Jason Blevins, the director of the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency.

Prepare before the emergency to avoid additional issues is an essential message for all citizens.

“The safety of our citizens is our top priority,” says Blevins. Along with the equipment they provide to ensure the safety of the streets, such as snowplows, deicer, and emergency transportation, the EMA encourages citizens to complete an emergency plan with family and others in the household.

Remember to practice safe heating practices and to clear away any snow for the tailpipe  of a vehicle before driving. Dressing warmly and
staying dry is important for winter weather as well. A four-step emergency plan is encouraged by the Tennessee Emergency services, including where the emergency alerts and warnings are coming from and ensuring that the source is reliable and thorough in its reporting.

Another aspect of safety is the specific needs of your household. Remember to be aware of the dietary and medical needs of your family. Finally, including children in the conversation is an important but often overlooked activity of the emergency management. Children should know their role in the emergency plan and understand the safety precautions they should take if they are out in a winter storm.

For more information about the winter weather preparation, please visit the Johnson County EMA at