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Johnson County 4-H student reports

In this month’s 4-H meeting on January 16, 2018 we learned of some activities and our new project. We learned about some after school activities including: baking, horse judging, and the chicken project. Finally we learned of our next project the Table Top Exhibit that is due on February 13th.
Eli Fritts
Mrs. Gentry’s 6th Grade
Mountain City Elementary

In the last 4-H meeting, we gave our 4-H speeches. We gave our speeches on Egypt. Trista Dunn got first place with her speech on the pyramids. Allison Sutherland got second place with her speech on the Nile River. Kailahni Webster got third place with her speech on mummification.
Brooklynn Deyton
Mrs. Dugger’s 6th Grade
Laurel Elementary

Our 4-H project for November was the poster contest. The winners were: Shaydun Keith- first place, Emma Savery-second place, and Alana Gaud- third place. There was no project for December.
Zoey Muncy
Mrs. Johnson’s 5th Grade
Laurel Elementary

Ms. Parrish’s 5th Grade class had their public speaking contest. Each student that participated had a great speech, but only three won places. Lacey Payne won first place, Mimi Zaldivar won second place, and LaRue Mills won third place. We are all excited about the poster contest. I can’t wait to see who wins.
Matthew Swift
Ms. Parrish’s 5th Grade
Mountain City Elementary

On January 12TH, 2018, Mrs. Stalvey’s 6th grade had their 4-H meeting. Our secretary called the roll and everyone answered with their favorite food. We got information about horse judging, baking classes, the 4-H chicken project, and the Chili cook-off. Our new project was introduced as the Table Top Exhibit. We did not have a project due at this meeting, so we don’t have any winners to announce. Good Luck on the next project and try your best!
Alexa Childers
Mrs. Stalvey’s 6th Grade
Roan Creek Elementary

This week Mrs. Icenhour’s class had 4-H. Julia Crews read the Thought for the Day. Our next project in 4-H is a demonstration contest. The demonstration can be on anything you would like. Then you will have to write a speech to say. On February 23rd a chili cook off will be held at the National Guard Armory. It will last from 6:00 pm -8:00 pm. The horse judging is January 24th at the high school’s aqua center.
Kaden Blevins
Mrs. Icenhour’s 4th Grade
Roan Creek Elementary