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Johnson County 4-H Reports

Mrs. Gentry’s 6th grade had 4-H on December 8, 2017. In this month’s meeting we started with one question, “What do you want for Christmas?” Most answers were technology, then we turned in our 4-H posters to be judged. Also for after school activities there is the 4-H Honor Club on December 13th from 5:00 to 6:15 pm and the 4-H Horse Judging Team practice on December 13th at the JCHS Aqua Center from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Next we had a lesson on Merchants and Traders, we traded things and had to consider the bad things that might come. Each round something good or bad affected us that was Social Studies related. Finally we learned the winners of the poster contest. 1st: Ethan Reece and Gaston Dugger, 2nd: Elijah Fritts, 3rd: Shawna Arnold.
Elijah Fritts
Mrs.Gentry’s sixth grade
Mountain City Elementary

Ms. Jarvis’ fifth grade class held their 4-H meeting on November 7, 2017. The winners of the speech contest were: Audrey Decker- first place, Skylar Feltner- second place, and Micah Lunceford- third place. Our next contest is the poster contest. We have to make a poster to advertise 4-H.
Danielle Dugger
Ms. Jarvis’ fifth grade
Doe Elementary.

On November 1st, Mrs. Proffitt’s sixth grade class held their 4-H meeting. We learned about the 4-H poster contest. This project is due on December 6th. The winners of the Public Speaking contest are: Reese Young in third place with her speech on Joan of Arc, Makenzie Kelly in second place speaking about Mary, mother of Jesus, and Ezra Howard in first place with his speech on Joseph, father of Jesus.
Bryanna Hayworth
Mrs. Proffitt’s sixth Grade

Doe Elementary Mr. Timbs’ fourth grade had their 4-H meeting on November 2, 2017. At today’s meeting we gave our speeches. These were the winners: 1st place- Chloe Sutherland, 2nd place- Abel Johnson, and 3rd place- Liam Cranford. Next month’s project is to design a 4-H poster. You are not allowed to use anything copyrighted.
Zoe Epperly
Mr. Timbs’ 4th Grade Roan Creek Elementary

At our last 4-H meeting, we got straight into our speeches. Then after our speeches, Mrs. Pleasant announced our next project which was the poster contest. Then the winners of the Speech contest were announced. The winners were: Carson Brown- 3rd place, Jackson Clifton-2nd place, and myself, Desirea Robinson-1st place.
Desirea Robinson
Mrs. Gregory’s 5th Grade
Roan Creek Elementary