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Fiddlers’ convention ascends on Laurel Bloomery

Musicians enjoy playing some of their favorite songs during the Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention held last month at the Old Mill Music Park in Laurel Bloomery, TN. The annual the two-day festival celebrated its 93rd Anniversary, drawing a large crowd to the oldest convention in Appalachia. Submitted photo

By Tamas Mondovics


Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention held on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, 25, 2018, at the Old Mill Music Park in Laurel Bloomery, TN has
once again lived up to its reputation welcoming a sizable crowd of musicians, music lovers and fans alike from near and far.
According to event organizer, owner and operator Jackie Warden, the two-day festival celebrated its 93rd Anniversary, the oldest convention in Appalachia.
“We wanted to see everyone have a great time pickin’ with us and their friends,” said event organizer Jackie Warden.
As it has been the case for nearly two decades, the historic Old Mill Park boasting of its old train station and mill set
the stage for the music performed by a list of talented musicians.
Warden and her late husband Douglas has been setting up the event to help preserve Johnson County’s musical roots, while Laurel Bloomery, boasts of Appalachian history or culture.
“My husband was a talented musician and enjoyed the convention,” Warden said. “He played bass with many great musicians.”
For the majority of its existence, the convention was organized by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, but since its move to Laurel Bloomery the Warden family has played host to the event.
This year’s musical celebration began on Friday night, lasting until all contestants ready to compete for the title of best in their class had been heard.
The same was also true for Saturday night, ending with the announcement of the winners and handing out the much-deserved prizes.
This year’s categories for competition included:  Band, Fiddle, Twin Fiddle, Banjo, Autoharp, Mandolin, Bass Fiddle, Dulcimer, Guitar, Folk Song, Vocal Duet, Harmonica, Adult Dance, Youth Dance, Youth Band, Youth Fiddle, Youth Banjo, and Youth Guitar.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jackie Warden at (423) 727-9595.

2018 Winner’s List

1. Gap Civil
2. Wayne Dye & The Bug Hunters
3. Mustard & Gravy
4. The Ole Time Serenaders
5. Slate Mountain Ramblers

1. Lucas Pasley
2. Nokosee Fields
3. Adrian Shepherd-Powell
4. Andrew Small
5. Richard Bowman

Twin Fiddle:
1. Nokosee Fields & Sonya Badigian
2. Billy Hurt & Lucas Pasley
3. Maddy Mullany & Clarke Williams
4. Jamie Ferguson & Chris McGrath
5. Gina Dilg & Deb Shebish

1. Chris Johnson
2. Seth Boyd
3. Jared Boyd
4. Marsha Todd
5. Gordy Hinners

1. Wayne Dye
2. Steve Kilby
3. Steve Lewis
4. Rex Smith
5. Marvin Joe Miller

1. Josh Bearman
2. David Helms
3. Greg Blevins
4. Molly Yates
5. Daniel Ullom

Bass Fiddle:
1. Stacy Boyd
2. Sadie Yates
3. Barbara Bowman
1. Shohei Tsutsumi
2. Phyllis Gaskins
3. Lois Hornbostel
4. Ehukai Teves
5. Steve Kilby

1. Penny Kilby
2. Vickie Boyd
Folk Song:
1. Kenneth Johnson
2. Rich Kirby
3. Shooter Brown
4. Luke Bell
5. Conner Steven

Vocal Duet:
1. Todd & Juliet Gladson
2. Ashlee Watkins & Andrew Small
3. Molly Yates & Sadie Yates
4. Nora Weatherby & Aaron Ratcliffe
5. Rex & Yvonne Smith

1. Eddie Ogle
2. Glen Zuhlke
3. Ehukai Teves

Adult Dance:
1. Aaron Ratcliffe
2. Gordy Hinners
3. Phil Jamison
4. Brett Martin
5. Becky Boyd

Youth Dance:
1. Lindy Gladson
2. Asa Nelson
3. Isaac Martin
4. Rachel Martin
5. Lily Corbitt

Youth Band:
1. 5 Strings

Youth Fiddle:
1. Nora Shepherd-Powell
2. Jeremy Bower
3. Rachel Mosher

Youth Banjo:
1. Ethan Pardue

Youth Guitar:
1. Karlee Hamm
2. Harlen Gladson
3. Ethan Pardue