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Family-owned business gives back to customers and community

By Karla Prudhomme
Freelance Writer

On Saturday, October 2, Black Bear Wine & Spirits held its first Customer Appreciation Day celebration to thank the people of Johnson County for their patronage and support.
The day was a great success, with deep discounts, giveaways, and over 4,500 products in stock.
With Black Bear’s wide variety of products, there is something for everyone’s palate and taste, contributing to its success. Also, a key to Black Bear’s success is the knowledgeable staff, who offer excellent customer service.
Owners Tom and Becky Stanley opened Black Bear Wine & Spirits in 2019, shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, and though many businesses struggled, Black Bear could utilize their drive-thru window to accommodate customers, many of whom have expressed their appreciation.
The Stanley’s knew that they wanted to own a business, and after several years of discussion and research, they decided to open Black Bear Wine & Spirits, a family-owned and operated business.
As a Johnson County native, Tom Stanley spent much time in his youth, skating at the old skating rink on Hwy 421, which is now home to his business.
Not too many years ago, the people of Johnson County had to travel out of town to purchase wine and spirits, providing tax revenue to surrounding counties; however, with the recent change in local laws, both Johnson County and Mountain City are benefitting from the increased tax revenue.
Due to a wide variety of products and discounted pricing, people from surrounding counties are now purchasing their wine and spirits here in Johnson County, creating additional and much-needed tax revenue. Customers of Black Bear Wine & Spirits repeatedly express their appreciation for being able to shop locally. “We appreciate the encouragement and support from the community and are happy that the tax revenue created is now benefitting the local community,” Tom said.
The Stanley’s also stated that they appreciate their wonderful staff who “take pride in providing great customer service, making Black Bear Wine & Spirits a success.” The owners are also grateful that their three grown sons, Spencer, Mason, and Clay, are part of the business, making it a true small-town family-owned and operated business.
“We are genuinely grateful to our customers and will continue to offer weekly specials in appreciation,” Tom said.