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Establishment of a Christian school in Johnson County might become a reality soon

By Paula Walter

An informational meeting for those interested in a Christian school in Mountain City will be held at the library on Thursday, October 12th and anyone interested can drop by between 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The mission of the proposed Christian school, JC (Jesus Christ) Rock Academy, in Johnson County is to provide an outstanding classical Christ centered education, preparing students to be strong in body, mind and spirit, enabling them to be positive future leaders. This will be a non-denominational Christian academy.
According to Caroline Roark, board chair, there are three stages of learning in classical education. These include grammar for knowledge, logic for reasoning and rhetoric to be articulate. This method is a different approach to education and is Christ-centered. “It is based on a Biblical world view,” Roark stated. Their teaching, codes of behavior and decision-making will be based on Biblical truths. Currently the organization is waiting for their 501C 3 to go through and the group is hoping to hold some fundraisers in the community for the school. “We are aiming to open for the fall of 2018,” said Roark. Initially, the board is planning on opening its doors beginning with kindergarten through third grade. They anticipate adding a grade for each consecutive year, eventually up to the eighth grade. “We feel the time is right,” added Roark.
Students will wear uniforms and at this time, the board is looking at tuition of $400 a month. According to Roark, this amount was based on childcare costs currently in the county. “It is in line with other schools we looked at,” she stated.
At this time, the board is still looking at different locations for the school, and they are trying to nail down an exact location. “We want to be great neighbors and friends of the public school system,” Roark stated.
The first registration for enrollment in the JC Rock Academy is planned for January, 2018.
The board of directors include: Caroline Roark, chair; Addie Bobbit, vice-chair; Susan Adams, secretary; Mark Sijthoff, Treasurer; Evelyn Cook, Nancy Davis, Kendall Habermehl, Priscilla Herman, Cons Sauls, Sheila Cruse, Alan Hammons, Mary Gale and Frank Liberstein.
Additional information can be found at