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Dewey Christian Church Announcement/Homecoming

Dewey Christian Church Announcement/Homecoming

This coming Sunday, August 14, the church will celebrate 84 years of preaching and ministering in Johnson County and surrounding areas.

The church is very well known throughout the eastern U.S. for boldly “Preaching Christ Unashamed and Unafraid”.

The Dewey congregation began in 1932 with James M. Jones as their first minister who served until 1939. Twenty-two ministers served the church between 1932 and 1974.

In 1975 C.D. Bud Gentry became the minister and has served faithfully for the past forty-one years. The Lord has blessed the church at Dewey over the years with many, to numerous to count, being baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins. To God be the glory!

This Sunday the congregation invites everyone to attend our worship service at 11:00 and join us for a meal at 12:45. Help us make this a very memorable day in the church’s history.

The church is located at 3548 Hwy 67 W. only 3.5 miles from the city limits. If you need further information please call the church office at 727-5812.