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Decision 2018- School Board

Kevin V. Long

School Board Member Candidates

District 1

*Photos not submitted:Howard L. Carlton

District 3

*Photos not submitted: Gary Matheson

Job Description

Tennessee school board members are elected by the community to make and to oversee critical decisions about the school district. Though the State Department of Education is the primarily responsible agent for overseeing education in Tennessee, the local school board is charged with overseeing the governance of education in Johnson County.

Perhaps most importantly, the school board is charged with employing a director of schools under a written contract of up to four years duration, which may be renewed. This director may be referred to as “superintendent” and replaces the former superintendent of schools. The school board is the sole authority in appointing a director of schools.

Upon the recommendation of the director of schools, the board elects teachers who have attained or who are eligible for tenure and are the primary group that determines how the district functions as the board consider and adopts school policies that are followed throughout each of the schools. The policies they approve follow federal and state laws, so all decisions made within the district comply with those laws.
Other various duties include: purchase of all supplies, furniture, fixtures, and materials for schools, dismissal of teachers, principals, supervisors and other employees upon sufficient proof of improper conduct, inefficient service or neglect of duty, and to develop and implement an evaluation plan for all certified employees in accordance with the guidelines and criteria of the state board of education, and submit such plan to the commissioner of education for approval.

The school board is also responsible for requiring the director of schools and the chair to prepare a budget on forms furnished by the commissioner of education and, when the local board has approved the budget, and to submit it to the county board of commissioners.