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Decision 2018- Register of Deeds

Jeffrey D. Rupard

Register of Deeds Candidates

Job Description

While some county offices have ambiguous official names attached, the Johnson County Register is not one of them, as the Register generally does just that – register. In past years, this office was officially dubbed “Register of Deeds,” however, due to the increase in documents that are continually being registered in addition to the large volume of property deeds, the state legislature now refers to this office as the County Register.

The most important function of this office is obviously the filing or recording of various documents that ultimately affect the legal status of real and personal property including not only deeds, but deeds of trust or mortgages, financing statements or Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) fixture filings, survey plats, assignments, court decrees including judgments, leases, liens, releases and various other documents. County-specific documents, such as the bonds of the county officials and required reports, are also registered in this office.