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Decision 2018-County Clerk

Tammie C. Fenner

County Clerk Candidates

Job Desciption

The county clerk has numerous duties, including acting as clerk of the county legislative body, issuing motor vehicle titles and registrations, collecting privilege taxes, and overseeing the issuance of beer permits, marriage licenses, and pawnbroker licenses. In addition to these statutory duties, the county clerk of Johnson County contracts with the state to issue driver licenses since the county lacks a local department of safety office. Under the same premise, the county clerk’s office is authorized to sell Tennessee hunting and fishing licenses.

The County Clerk also issues business licenses, and since the County Legislative Body elects notaries public, the county clerk keeps a record of the notaries public in the county and has duties involving coordination between the secretary of state and the notary applicant.
Also, the Clerk keeps various and numerous public records generated by other offices within the county on file