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Decision 2018-Constable

Keith H Estevens

Johnson County Constable Candidates

District 1

*Photo not submitted: James E. Brown.

District 2

*Photo not submitted: Ben Price

District 3

*Photos not submitted: Ray Lunceford & David Price


While the constables position is one of the most misunderstood elected offices in Tennessee, it is historically the oldest law enforcement position in the United States.A Tennessee Constable is an elected position with full power of arrest and is a state peace officer. While their powers as peace officers are valid statewide, their activities are generally conducted in the county where they are elected.

Constables operate as individual officers at no cost to the citizens or governments of the county. Constables provide their own uniforms, vehicles, fuel and equipment and stand ready to aid or assist all citizens and/or agencies within the county. Their mission is to provide additional law enforcement presence in the county and to assist and supplement the county Sheriffs Office and the Police Departments.

Services the Tennessee Constable Association offer include: Evictions, Home Security
Checks, Delivery of Legal Documents, Subpoenas, Federal/Civil Process, Proposed Parenting Plan, Security Escorts, Formal & Uniform Security, Summons, Business Security Checks, Traffic, Garnishments.
For a list of qualifications for each specific office, please visit /