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Court and Sheriff’s Report 2-12-2020

The following information reflects the actual filed documents or docket entries which are considered to be public record and contained in the official case files. The information provided herein includes the offense(s) with which an individual was charged/cited and the disposition(s) if the case has been concluded. No information is contained herein regarding charges/citations that have been expunged pursuant to state law. The information is subject to change at any time. It is important to note the Tennessee General Assembly has made it a criminal offense for information to be made public once it has been expunged pursuant to T.C.A. 40-32-101. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you update any search before using the information for official purposes. In no event shall The Tomahawk be held liable for damage of any nature, direct or indirect, arising from the use of this information.

Criminal Court
Johnson County, Tennessee
The Honorable
Stacy L. Street, Presiding
Friday, Feb 14, 2020

Misty Nichole Arnold
Pdl/Motions $5,000 A-Hood Bonding Stout
19-Cr-65/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/ Resisting Arrest
Ct-4/ Left Of Center
Ct-5/ Viol Traffic Control Device
19-Cr-169/ JCSD $2,500 Or Bond
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

James Christopher Cole
Arraignment Violation Of Probation
No Bond-Jail Judgment 2-15-19
18-Cr-64/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest

Kenneth Lee Cornett
Pdl/Motions $2,500 Or Bond Pd
19-Cr-189/ MCPD
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property More Than $1,000 Less Than $2,500

Frank Anthony Dales
Arraignment Probation Viol
No Bond-Jail
Judgment 8-26-19
19-Cr-66/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Simple Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para

Elizabeth Lee Donnelly
Pdl/Motions Summons Only Pd
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband Into Penal Institution
Ct-2/ Tampering With Evidence

Thurman Shawn Dowell
Arraignment $25,000- Tn Bonding
19-Cr-205/ JCSD
Ct-1-3/ Sale Meth .5 Or More
Ct-4/ Poss Drug Para

Millie Sue Dugger
Arraignment $25,000 Deed Of Trust
20-Cr-3/ MCPD
Ct-1/ Financial Exploration Of Elderly Or Vunerable Person
Ct-2/ Identity Theft

Mandy Jean Fletcher
Prob Viol 1St 8-26-19
$4,000- Aaa Bonding Holly Prob Viol 2Nd 9-26-19 $1,000- AAA Bonding
Judgment 7-17-19
16-Cr-137/ JCSD NHB
Ct-1/ Forgery
Ct-2/ Theft Under $500

Nicky Robert Gentry
Arraignment Probation Viol
No Bond-Jail
Judgment 7-12-19
19-Cr-41/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Dui 2nd
Ct-3/ Dorl 2nd
Ct-4/ Resisting Arrest

Garet Wes Howard
Pdl/Motions $10,000- AAA Bonding Fallin
19-Cr-120/ JCSD
Ct-1-3/ Sale Meth .5 Or More
Ct-4/ Poss Meth .5 Or More
Ct-5-6/ Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-7/ Simple Poss Sch I
Ct-8/ Poss Drug Para

Gerald Lee Huggins
Pdl/Motions $50,000-Jail  Pd
19-Cr-193/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Poss Meth .5 Or More
Ct-2/ Unlawful Poss Weapon-Convicted Felon
Ct-3/ Poss Firearm/Commission Dangerous Felony
Ct-4/ Poss Sch Vi For Resale
Ct-5/ Crimnal Impersonation

Jennifer Nicole Jennings
Arraignment $25,000 Deed Of Trust
20-Cr-4/ MCPD
Ct-1/ Fin Exploitation Of Elderly Or Vulnerable Person
Ct-2/ Identity Theft

James W Lingerfelt
Arraignment Violation Of Probation
No Bond-Jail Judgment 5-24-19
18-Cr-108/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Theft Under $1000
Ct-2/ Failure To Appear
18-Cr-141/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Joshua D Lipford
Pdl/Motions $7,500- Tn Bonding Fallin
19-Cr-191/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Poss Stolen Property

Kaleb Nicholas Mcwhorter
Arraignment Probation Viol 1St
No Bond-Jail
Probation Viol 2nd
No Bond- Jail
18-Cr-149/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Statutory Rape

James Allen Miller
Pdl/Motions $50,000- Jail Pd
19-Cr-187/ MCPD
Ct-1/ Rape

Terry Dale Mounts
Pdl/Motions $5,000-Tn Bonding Stout
19-Cr-137/ JCSD
Ct-1-3/ Sale Meth .5 O More
Ct-4/ Poss Meth .5 Or More
Ct-5-6/ Maintaining Dwelling/Narcotics Sold
Ct-7/ Poss Drug Para

Steven Daniel Perry
Arraignment Summons Only
19-Cr-54/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Rape
Ct-2/ Agg Kidnapping

Durrell Marquis Price
Motions $50,000-Jail Pd
Transport Order Sent 11-8-19
Ct-1/ Att. Second Degree Murder
Ct-2/ Agg Assault

Joni Dominique Price
Arraignment Viol Comm Corrections
No Bond-Jail
Judgment 11-19-18
18-Cr-115/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Sale Sch II Under .5 Grams
Ct-2/ Sale Sch II Over .5 Grams

Jamie Lynn Reece
Pdl/Motions $5,000- Aaa Bonding Fallin
19-Cr-192/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Felony Reckless Endangerment
Ct-3/ Driving Without License

Justin Shane Seatz
Pdl/Motions $7,500 0R Bond
To Have Atty
19-Cr-151/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Unlawful Poss Weapon- Convicted Felon
Ct-2/ Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less

Ricky Ray Shelton
Arraignment $5,000 Blanket Bond- Tn Bonding To Have Atty
19-Cr-126/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest
19-Cr-127/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Burglary
Ct-2/ Theft Of Property $2,500 Or More
19-Cr-85/ JCSD $5,000- AAA Bonding
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Jessica A Smith
Pdl/Motions $1,500- Tn Bonding Fallin
19-Cr-149/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Auto Burglary
Ct-2/ Burglary
Ct-3/ Agg Assault

Jeffery Scott Stanley
Arraignment $10,000- AAA Bonding
To Have Atty
19-Cr-195/ MCPD
Ct-1/ Agg Kidnapping
Ct-2/ Agg Assault

Jonathan Michael Thomas
Probation Viol
No Bond- Jail Pd Judgment 10-3-19
19-Cr-150/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Theft Over $10,000
Ct-2/ Burglary
Ct-3/ Conspiracy To Commit Burglary
New Charge Pdl/Motions $5,000-Jail
19-Cr-197/ JCSD
Ct-1/ Tampering With Evidence
Ct-2/ Burglary
Ct-3/ Theft Of Property More Than $1,000 Less Than $2,500
Ct-4/ Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less
Ct-5/ Vandalism $1,000 Or Less
Ct-6/ Criminal Trespassing

Randy Keith Wallace
Capias/ No Bond- Jail Pd 19-Cr-146/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Viol Sexual Offender Registration Act
Ct-2/ Viol Poss Of Offender Indentification Required
19-Cr-212/ Jcsd $2,500 Bond- Jail
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Rebecca Ilene Wallace
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol 1St $3,000-AAA Bonding Pd
Probation Viol 2nd
No Bond-Jail
17-Cr-94/ JCSD Probation Viol 3Rd $5,000
Jail Ct-1/ Filing False Report
Judgment 2-23-18

General Sessions Court
Johnson County, Tennessee
The Honorable William B. Hawkins, Presiding
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020

Ethan K Blackburn
To Have Dl Pro Se
Gs-19-Tr-586/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Hands Free
Ct-2/Driving W/O License

Matthew K Bunton
Jail-$1,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-68/Public Intoxication/
Asst Chief J Norris

Chaysen B Conner
For Plea/To Have Dl $1,500 Aaa Bonding
Gs-19-Tr-536/Asst Chief J Norris
Ct-1/Registration Violation
Gs-19-Cr-697/Dorl/Asst Chief J Norris
Ronnie Allen Dickens $1,500 Ann Marie’s Bail Bonds
Gs-20-Cr-27/Assault/Ptl Z Reece

Shannon Darby Gibbard
Gs-19-Tr-780/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Expired Registration
Ct-2/Light Law
Ct-3/Financial Responsibility

Kimberly D Greer
For Plea/To Have Dl
Gs-19-Tr-642/Thp R Wills
Ct-1/Traffic Control Device
Ct-2/Expired Dl
Gs-20-Cr-89/Dep J Roberts Jail-$31,500 Bond
Ct-1/Public Intoxication
Ct-2/Poss Sch Ii

Jonathan Mitchell Hampton
Gs-20-Cr-82/Ptl Z Reece
Ct-1/Domestic Assault Jail-$7,500 Bond
Ct-2/Violation Bond Conditions Jail-No Bond
Lorie Ann Handley $7,500 Tn Bonding
Gs-20-Cr-28/Domestic Assault/Ptl Z Reece

Yolanda Leigh Hartley
Jud Div $3,000 Or Bond Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-105/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Dep J Ferguson

Zachary Scott Hatley
Gs-20-Cr-84/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Violation Order Protection Jail-No Bond
Ct-2/Agg Burlary Jail-$10,000 Bond

Cora J Hayworth
Petition For Pmt Plan
Gs-18-Cr-288/Dui 1St/Ptl M Mullins
Gs-18-Cr-702/Dui 1St/Sgt J Norman

Charles M Jones II
Jail-$1,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-83/Disorderly Conduct/
Ptl J Norman

Stacy Ted Leonard
Jail-No Bond
Gs-20-Cr-43/Fugitive From Justice/Cpl A Worley

Vickie L Lowe
Req Modification Of No Contact Order
Gs-19-Cr-942/Simple Assault/Cpl T Brown Plead 1/8/2020

Joseph Paul Mains
Gs-20-Cr-78/Shoplifting/Sgt J Woodard Jail-$2,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-79/Dep R Norris Jail-$16,500 Bond
Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-2/Intro Contraband Penal Fac

Danielle Shay Matherly
Jail-No Bond
Pro Se
Gs-20-Cr-62/Fugitive From Justice/Cpl A Worley

Dylan A Mcmurry
Jail-$20,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-90/Lt M Mullins
Ct-1/Att-Obtain Narcotics By Fraud
Ct-2/Tampering W/Evidence

Dustin Ray Miller
Jail-$80,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-80/Ptl J Norman
Cts 1-2/Poss Sch Ii Resale Over ½ Gram

Fernando Ramos
Jail-$25,500 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-88/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Leaving The Scene Of Acc. W/Injuries
Cts 3-4/Child Endangerment
Ct-5/Driving W/O License
Ct-6/Child Restraint Law

Jacob Ray Rash
Pd Gs-19-Cr-598,612/Vop/Cci Jail-$5,000 Bond
Gs-19-Cr-934/Theft Over $1,000/Chief Inv S Brown Jail-$2,500 Bond

Benjamin J Reece
Gs-20-Cr-40/Harassment/Christopher Farrow

Jamie L Reece
$7,500 Tn Bonding
Gs-20-Cr-81/Domestic Assault/Dep E Martin

Logan Dakota Roberts
Jud Div Pd
Gs-18-Cr-756/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Dep T Brown

Isiah Auston Ross
Gs-19-Cr-906/Dorl/Dep B Sexton

Tionna Ann Silsby
Hearing/Stnaw Curtis
Gs-19-Cr-378/Poss Drug Para/Dep B Sexton

Wesley Eric Snyder
Restitution Hearing 1:30 $2,500 Tn Bonding Pd
Gs-19-Cr-485/Theft Under $1,000-Att/Lt M Cress

Christopher Allen Stevens
Jail-$350,000 Bond
Gs-20-Cr-76/Lt M Cress
Cts 1-2/Rape Of Child
Cts 2-7/Agg Sexual Battery
Ct-8/Sexual Battery

Mark Trivette
At Large/Michael Hindman
Ryan Michael Wainicki
Poss Sch Vi/ Dep B Sexton

Jesse Drew Wallace
Jail-$5,000 Bond

Maynor A. Curtis Zepeda
$11,500 A-Hood Bonding
Gs-20-Cr-87/Cpl T Brown
Ct-1/Dui By Consent
Cts 2-3/Child Endangerment


01/31/2020 Christian Rincon, Coats Nc, Simple Possession, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Reckless Driving, Driving On Suspended Drivers License

02/01/2020 Michala B Cretsinger, Crestview Dr, Violation Of Probation

02/01/2020 Terry D Wallace, Crackers Neck Rd, Possession Of Schdule Ii Drugs

02/03/2020 Terry E Deyton, Hwy 91N, Driving On Revoked Drivers License – 3Rd Offense

02/03/2020 Shawn Lambert, Boone Nc, Public Intoxication, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

02/03/2020 Megan L Maze, Mill Creek Rd, Assault On An Officer X2, Resisting Arrest, Driving On Revoked Drivers License

02/04/2020 Jeffery D Brinker, Moretz Rd, Assault, Criminal Trespassing

02/04/2020 Joshua R Dowell, H Snyder Rd, Violation Of Probation

02/04/2020 Jason A Feltner, Dogwood Ln, Assault

02/04/2020 Matthew T Wesphal, College St, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs For Resale, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

02/05/2020 Matthew Bunton, Georgia St, Public Intoxication

02/05/2020 Elizabeth L Donnelly, Village Square Ln, Theft Of Property

02/05/2020 Jonathan M Hampton, Eldridge Ln, Assault As Domestic Violence, Violation Of Bond Conditions

02/05/2020 Joseph P Mains, B Johnson, Theft Of Property, Introduction Of Drugs Or Contraband Into A Penal Facility, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs

02/05/2020 Christopher A Stevens, Harbin Hill Rd, Aggravated Sexual Battery X 5, Sexual Bettery, Rape Of A Child X 2

02/05/2020 Natalie Wilson, Johnson City, Violation Of Probation

02/06/2020 Zachary Hatley, Sink Valley Rd, Violation Of Order Of Protection Or Restraining Order, Aggravated Assault

02/06/2020 John Hudson, Hampton, Violation Of Probation

02/06/2020 Charles M Jones, Hwy 421 N, Disorderly Conduct

02/06/2020 Marena M Rayfield, Bulldog Rd, Theft Of Property

02/06/2020 Jamie L Reece, Bulldog Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence

02/06/2020 Jerry Williams, Forge Creek Rd, Violation Of Probation