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General Sessions Court Johnson County,
The Honorable
William B. Hawkins,
Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019

Peggy Michelle Snyder
Compliance Gs-13-Cr-1613V/Vop/Cci

Jason Thomas Augustine
Gs-18-Cr-996/Dosl/Ptl J Johnson

Zachary Michael Bennett
Jud Div Fallin

Gs-18-Cr-399/Dep A Worley
Ct-1/Poss Drug Para
Ct-2/Public Intoxication
Ct-3/Unlawful Poss Of Firearm W/Intoxicated

Donna L Bunting

Elizabeth A Carr
Hearing/Stnaw Landstreet
Gs-18-Cr-506/Dep C Lipford
Ct-1/Dui 1St

Bobby Roscoe Clawson
Gs-18-Tr-588/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Seatbelt 1St Ct-2/Due Care
Gs-18-Cr-878/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Dui 1St Ct-2/Vicl

James Kimble Clemmons
Gs-18-Cr-955/Dosl 1St/Ptl J Johnson

David Allen Cooper

Stacey Eastridge Daley
Gs-18-Tr-577/Improper Passing/Thp C Dunn

Willie Davis Jr
Preliminary Hearing Curtis
Gs-19-Cr-10/Chief Inv S Brown
Ct-1/Agg Robbery
Ct-2/Consp To Agg Robbery
Ct-3/Agg Burglary Ct-4/Agg Kidnapping Ct-5/False Report

Stephen Wayne Dunn Jr
Gs-18-Cr-929/Twra R Rosier
Cts 1-2/Illegal Poss Of Wildlife
Ct-3/Violation Big Game Check In
Ct-4/Unlawful Poss Of Firearm
Ct-5/Poss Drug Para

Amos Lee Earp
Vic Req To Modify No Contact Order
Gs-19-Cr-4/Domestic Assault/Dep R Mink

Kristina Paige Eason
Gs-18-Cr-951/Dosl 1St/Thp C Dunn

Jason A Feltner
Preliminary Hearing Hyder
Gs-18-Cr-517/Domestic Assault/Dep J Norman

Melissa Maxwell Feltner
Preliminary Hearing Hyder
Gs-18-Cr-516/Domestic Assault/Dep J Norman

Charles Edward Forrester
Gs-18-Tr-464/Thp B Proffitt
Ct-1/Following Too Close
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Gs-18-Tr-472/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Seatbelt 1St
Ct-2/Unlawful Removal Of Tasg
Ct-3/Driving Unreg Vehicle
Gs-18-623/Dosl 1St/Thp B Proffitt
Gs-18-Cr-623/Dosl 1St/Thp C Dunn
Gs-18-Cr-669/Dosl 1St/Ptl C Brown

Lester Scott Gentry
Preliminary Hearing Curtis
Gs-18-Cr-932/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Agg Domestic
Ct-2/Interference W/Emergency Calls

Paul N Gentry
Gs-18-Cr-949/False Imprisonment/Dep R Norris

Robert Lee Gentry
Gs-18-Tr-603/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Financial Responsibility

Eve Rebecca Grayson
Tbd If Pif Pro Se
Gs-18-Cr-854/Simple Assault/Tim Widener

Hunter Ray Greene Hyder

Marty Guy Greenwell
Gs-18-Cr-861/Poss Sch Ii/Sgt J Norman

Stephanie E Grissom
Gs-18-Tr-571/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Speeding Ct-2/Financial Responsibilty

Miranda Hayworth
Gs-18-Tr-620/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Brett Mckinley Henson
Gs-19-Cr-47/Dep R Mink Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Vi Ct-2/Poss Drug Para

Brandon Rainey Hicks
Tbi Cert & Div Viol Date 12-5-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-919/Domestic Assault/Lt M Mullins

Brian Eugene Hicks
Gs-19-Cr-41/Public Intoxication/Dep T Brown

Rebekah Maude Humphrey
Status Stout
Gs-16-Cr-764/Vop/Cci Gs-18-Cr-29/Vop/Cci Gs-18-Cr-672/Poss Drug Para/Dep B Sexton
Gs-18-Cr-694/Theft Under $1000/Ptl C Hatley

Jennifer Lois Jenkins
Preliminary Hearing Viol Date 12/31/18 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-9/Chief Inv S Brown
Ct-1/Agg Robbery
Ct-2/Consp To Agg Robbery
Ct-3/Agg Burglary Ct-4/Agg Kidnapping Ct-5/False Report

Joseph Ray Keith
Gs-18-Tr-517/Dep C Lipford
Ct-1/Registration Violation
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Gs-18-Cr-725/Dorl 2Nd/Dep C Lipford

Michael W Matherly
Status Curtis
Gs-19-Cr-18/Fugitive From Justice/Dep E Martin

Jason Lee May
Pd Gs-16-Cr-901/Vop/Cci
Gs-18-Tr-148/Financial Responsibility/Inv B Sutherland
Gs-18-Cr-188/Dorl/Inv B Sutherland

Steven Tyler Mcguire
Fallin Gs-17-Cr-100/Vop/Cci

Kaleb Mcworther Fop
Plea/To Have Dl
Gs-18-Tr-460/Sgt J Norman
Ct-1/Registation Violation
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Gs-18-Cr-596/Dosl/Sgt J Norman

Ryan A Miller
Hearing/Stnaw Hyder
Gs-18-Cr-362/Dui 1St/Dep C Fraser

Wanda Gail Miller
Hyder G-18-Cr-599/Domestic Assault/Sgt J Norman

Darrell Gene Moody
Gs-18-Tr-598/Following Too Close/Thp G Marlowe Gs-19-Cr-14/Dui 1St/Thp G Marlowe Gs-19-Cr-15/Dosl 3Rd/Thp G Marlowe

Joshua Allen Morton

Jacob Daniel Lee Norris
Preliminary Hearing Fallin
Gs-18-Cr-602/Assault/Morgan Church
Gs-18-Cr-711/Inv B Sutherland
Ct-1/Rape Ct-2/Kidnapping
Ct-3/Domestic Assault

Melanie Nicole Patterson
Gs-18-Cr-950/Driving W/O License/Thp C Dunn

Jonathan Wallace Pass
Gs-18-Cr-910/Poss Drug Para/Sgt J Norman

Matthew Anthony Perry
Preliminary Hearing Viol Date 11/23/18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-885/Ptl J Johnson
Ct-1/Robbery Ct-2/Assault

Steven M Phipps
Tox Result Viol Date 10/16/18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-791/Lt M Mullins
Ct-1/Poss Sch Iv Ct-2/Poss Stolen Property Ct-3/Dui

Domingo Gaspar Ramirez
Gs-18-Tr-638/Ptl J Johnson
Ct-1/Driving W/O License
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Timothy C Robinson
Preliminary Hearing Viol Date 11/20/18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-882/Dep C Lipford
Ct-1/Dui 1St

Johnny Avirn Scarberry
Gs-18-Tr-589/Thp T Wolfenbarger
Ct-1/Due Care
Ct-2/Traffic Control Device
Ct-3/Open Container

Rose Francis Sherwood
Gs-18-Cr-952/Dorl 1St/Thp C Dunn

Amanda Carol Sluder
To Have Dl Gs-18-Cr-827/Dosl 1St/Dep J Ferguson

Lara Michelle Snyder
To Have Dl
Gs-18-Tr-568/Lt M Cress
Ct-1/Light Law
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Tyler Vernon Stanley
Gs-18-Tr-574/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Timothy J Trivette
To Have Atty Pro Se
Gs-18-Cr-961/Dep R Mink
Ct-1/Criminal Trespassing
Ct-2/Poss Sch Ii
Cts 3-4/Criminal Impersonation

James Lester Vincent
Gs-18-Tr-590/Seatbelt 1St/Thp C Dunn

William T Vaughn
Tbd If Pif Canter
Gs-18-Cr-856/Domestic Assault/Dep J Ferguson

Brad Nelson Wallace
Gs-19-Cr-42/Public Intoxication/Ptl Z Reece

Jennifer Key Walton
Gs-18-Cr-855/Sgt J Norman
Ct-1/Dui 1St Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para Ct-4/Vicl

Matthew Lee Widner
Fallin Gs-18-Cr-141/Vop/Cci

Stevie Ray Williams
Hearing/Stnaw Hampton
Gs-18-Cr-588/Twra C Marshall
Cts 1-2/Hunting During Illegal Hours
Ct-3/Hunting From Mv
Cts 4-5/Hunting From Public Rd
Cts 6-7/Hunting W/O License
Cts 8-9/Illegal Poss Big Game
Ct-10/Illegal Transportation Of Big Game Cts 11-12/Hunting W/Illegal Manner And MeansCts 13-14/Spotlighting Deer

Nicklas Lee Winebarger
Gs-18-Tr-608/Ptl Z Reece
Ct-1/Dosl Ct-2/Expired Registration

Marilyn E Wolfe
Gs-16-Cr-802/Poss Sch Ii/Dep Roark