The following information reflects the actual filed documents or docket entries which are considered to be public record and contained in the official case files. The information provided herein includes the offense(s) with which an individual was charged/cited and the disposition(s) if the case has been concluded. No information is contained herein regarding charges/citations that have been expunged pursuant to state law. The information is subject to change at any time. It is important to note the Tennessee General Assembly has made it a criminal offense for information to be made public once it has been expunged pursuant to T.C.A. 40-32-101. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you update any search before using the information for official purposes. In no event shall The Tomahawk be held liable for damage of any nature, direct or indirect, arising from the use of this information

David Kenneth Bitter Jr
Gs-19-Cr-551/Domestic Assault/Dep R Mink

Geoffery R Carroll
Tox Result Viol Date 12-31-18 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-3/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/Dui 1St

Timothy R Church Jr
To Have Dl Or Plea
Viol Date 4-2-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-304/Dosl 3Rd/Dep J Ferguson

Shannon Clark
Gs-19-Cr-539/Sa A Veillon
Ct-1-/Intro Of Contraband
Into Penal Fac
Ct-2/Official Misconduct

Adam Ray Deyton
Gs-19-Cr-541/Criminal Trespassing/Dep A Worley

Pauletta D Dunn
Hearing/Stnaw Canter
Gs-19-Cr-120/Poss Drug Para/Dep E Martin

Danny Keith Eastridge Ii
Gs-19-Cr-542/Criminal Trespassing/Dep A Worley

Jancy Elaine Edwards
Gs-19-Cr-430/Driving W/O License/Sgt J Woodard

Rex Arley Farley
Tbi Cert & Div Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-332/Harassment/Kayla Williams

William Brandon Fritts
Gs-19-Cr-521/Fugitive From Justice/Dep A Worley

Keith Gregg
Gs-19-Cr-552/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Evading By Mv
Ct-2/Resisting Arrest

Garet Wes Howard
To Have Atty Gs-18-Cr-132/Vop/Cci

Dana Douglas Johnson
To Have Atty
Gs-19-Cr-522/Harassment/Michelle Sizemore

Gary Johnson
Gs-19-Cr-537/Vandalism/Alan Mcfadden
Gs-19-Cr-538/Harassment/Michelle Sizemore

Linda M Jones
Gs-15-Cr-434/Worthless Check X3/Michael Barber Capias
Gs-19-Cr-555/Worthless Check/Amy Cardwell
Gs-19-Cr-556/Fta-Booking/Dep A Worley

Christina A Labond
Pro Se
Gs-19-Tr-159/Speeding/Thp M Brown

Charles E Lipford
To Have Atty
Gs-19-Tr-293/Dep A Worley
Ct-2/Unreg Vehicle
Ct-3/Financial Responsibility
Gs-19-Cr-424/Felony Reckless Endangerment/Dep A Worley

Gary E Lipford
Gs-19-Cr-553/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Dosl Ct-2/Crimnal Simulation
Ct-3/Fugitive From Justice

Joshua D Lipford
Gs-19-Tr-68/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Unlawful Removal Tag
Ct-2/Driving Unreg Vehicle
Gs-19-Cr-264/Vandalism/Nathan Bolin
Gs-19-Cr-265/Poss Stolen Property/Dep E Martin

Stephen Dewayne Long
Gs-19-Cr-558/Sgt J Woodard
Ct-1/Agg Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Poss Handgun While Intoxicated

Elder Rodriguez Lopez

Tolby Lowe
Gs-19-Cr-554/Simple Assault/Preston Henderson

Nadine May
Gs-19-Cr-515/Dui 1St/Dep E Martin

Jason D Mcafee

William Thomas Mckinnis
Gs-19-Cr-494/Dui 2Nd/Dep E Martin

Marion Gene Norris
Gs-19-Cr-444/Dorl/Sgt J Woodard

Sonya D Osborne
Gs-19-Tr-335/Driving W/O License/Dep E Martin

Roseanne Pearson
Gs-19-Cr-549/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Poss Drug Para Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Vi Ct-3/Dosl 1St

Francisca Gabriele Perez
Gs-19-Tr-355/Driving W/O License/Ptl D Hicks

Dalton Cole Peters
Preliminary Hearing Roberts
Gs-19-Cr-224/Dui 1St/Dep A Worley

Juan Ramirez
Gs-19-Cr-560/Violation Bond Conditions/Dep R Mink

Ricky Ray Shelton
Preliminayr Hearing
Viol Date 10-23-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-807/Inv B Sutherland
Ct-1/Evading By Mv
Ct-2/Reckless Driving
Gs-18-Cr-903/Lt M Cress
Ct-1/Theft Under $10,000

Thomas Arthur Sletvett Ii
Gs-19-Cr-557/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Poss Sch Vi Resale
Ct-2/ Dui 3Rd

Teddy A Street
Gs-19-Cr-550/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para

Jamie Alice Dunn Stout
Gs-19-Cr-450/Criminal Trespassing/Sgt J Woodard

Kristen Sturgeon
Gs-19-Tr-325/Speeding/Dep E Martin

Raymond Eugene Turner
Gs-19-Cr-386/Burning W/O Permit/Dep A Worley

Edgar Steven Warren For Plea
Viol Date 3-16-19 Pd
Gs-19-Tr-137/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Light Law
Ct-2/Registration Law
Gs-19-Cr-275/Poss Drug Para/Dep J Ferguson

Michael Jerold Wessely Loughrin
Gs-19-Tr-320/Dep E Martin
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Gs-19-Cr-445/Dosl/Dep E Martin

Donna Jean Wilson
Gs-19-Cr-559/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Dui 1St
Ct-2/Dorl Ct-3/Evading By Mv

Daniel Ray Winters
Gs-18-Cr-775/Dep R Mink
Ct-1/Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Leaving Scene Of Acc
Ct-3/Failure To Report Acc

Tiffany R Woods
Tbi Cert & Div Viol Date 5-12-19 Pd Gs-19-Cr-407/Poss Sch Ii/Dep J Ferguson

Courtney S Young
Hearing/Stnaw Stout
Gs-19-Cr-355/Dogs At Large/Keith Cornett

Criminal Court
Johnson County,
The Honorable
thursday, July 11, 2019

Holly Drew Burchette
Jury Trial $4000 Bond With M&S Fallin
18-Cr-50/ Thp
Ct-1/ Dui

Jamie Alice Dunn Jury Trial $8,000 Tn Bonding Fallin
18-Cr-167/ Mcpd
Ct-1/ Dui 3Rd Ct-2/ Dorl 2Nd

Criminal Court
Johnson County,
The Honorable
Friday, July 12, 2019

Deborah A Adams Arraignment Probation Viol $3,000- Aaa Bonding Judgment 1-5-17
16-Cr-91/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband

Steve Wayne Arnold
Pdl/Motions Summons Only Stout 19-Cr-48/ Mcpd
Ct-1-2/ Domestic Assault

Joseph Ray Barry Pdl/Motions Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 8-25-17
16-Cr-111/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Leaving Scene Of Accident

Jeffrey Chance Byrd
Status Of Rehab Probation Viol $7,500 Bond-Jail Fallin
Judgment 12/11/17
17-Cr-150/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Over $2,500
17-Cr-124/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

John Dillon Church Pdl/Motions $2,500 Tn Bonding Pd
Transport From Prison Sent 5-9-19
18-Cr-193/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less
New Charge 19-Cr-9/ Jcsd Arraignment $50,000 Bond- Jail
Ct-1/ Failure To Apper
Arlie Franklin Coffey Arraignment Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
Judgment 1-14-05
4099/ Jcsd Ct-1/ Att. Manf Meth
4178/ Jcsd Ct-1/ Att. Manf Meth
4274/ Jcsd Ct-1/ Poss Drug Para

David Allen Cooper Arraignment $50,000- Jail
19-Cr-88/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Robert Warren Courtner Jr.
Pdl/Motions Probation ViolNo Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 8-18-14
6102/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Initiation Process Manuf Meth

Daniel Lynn Deyton
Arraignment Probation Viol $5,000 -Tn Bonding
Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
Judgment 4-13-18
17-Cr-156/ Jcsd
Ct-3/ Vandalism $1,000 Or Less
Ct-4/ Viol Order Of Protection
Ct-5/ Dui 2Nd
Ct-6/ Dorl 2Nd
18-Cr-95/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dorl 4Th
Ct-2/ Evading Arrest
Ct-3/ Leaving Scene Of Accident

Elizabeth Lee Donnelly Pdl/Motions $25,000 Bond-Jail Pd
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband Into Penal Institution
Ct-2/ Tampering With Evidence

Jimmy Ray Eggers Pdl/Motions $2,500 Bond Tn Bonding Fallin
18-Cr-161/ Jcsd
Ct-1-2/ Agg Assault
Ct-2/ Vandalism
18-Cr-162/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Evading Arrest By Motor Vehicle

Jacob Daniel Furchess Sentencing Hearing $50,000 Deed Of Trust Fallin
18-Cr-189/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Rape

Nicky Robert Gentry
Pdl/Motions $5,000 Bail Fast Bonding Stout
19-Cr-41/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-2/ Dui 2Nd
Ct-3/ Dorl 2Nd
Ct-4/ Resisting Arrest

Mario Rafael Gonzales Pdl/Motions Probation Viol
No Bond-Jail Pd Judgment 4-23-18
17-Cr-174/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft $1,000 Or Less
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/ Dorl 17-Cr-175/ Jcsd
Ct-2, 10, 12, 14,19/ Identity Theft

Richard David Hall Jr
Status Of Federal Cases Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Fallin
Judgment 3/2/18
16-Cr-168/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-4/ Manf Sch Vi

Teresa Kay Hamby Petition For Relief Of Fines Pro Se 14-Cr-127/ Jcsd
Ct-1-2/ Sale Sch Ii Over ½ Gram

Jeffrey Wayne Norris
Arraignment Probation Viol $2,000 Tn Bonding
To Have Atty
Judgment 5-7-18 17-Cr-160/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Burglary
Ct-2/ Theft Over $1,000

Elizabeth Rose Novotny Pdl/Motions $20,000 Bond-Jail Pd
19-Cr-71/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband Into Penal Facility
Ct-2/ Simple Poss Sch Iii
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Sch Iv

Ira Oaks Jr
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol $3,000 Tn Bonding Pd
Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
14-Cr-120/ Jcsd Judgment 3-23-15
Ct-1/ Att. To Obtain Narcotics By Fraud
New Charge Pdl/Motions $31,500 Or Bond
19-Cr-64/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-2/ Simple Poss Sch Iv

Robert Alan Olen Jr Appeal From Sessions Court Criminal Summons
19-Cr-109/ Mark Potter
Ct-1/ Harrasment

Durrell Marquis Price
Pdl/Motions $50,000-Jail Pd
Transport Order Sent 5-9-19
Ct-1/ Att. Second Degree Murder
Ct-2/ Agg Assault

Joni Dominique Price
Pdl/Motions Probation
Viol 1St 2-27-19 $3,000-Tn Bonding Pd
Probation Viol 2Nd 5-1-19 No Bond-Jail
Judgment 11-19-18
Ct-1/ Sale Meth Under .5 Gram
Ct-2/ Sale Meth Over .5 Gram

Tabitha Ashley Price
Pymt/ Compliance
Probation Viol Summons Capias- 5,000- Aaa Bonding
Judgment 12/20/11
13-Cr-171 / Jcsd
Ct-1/ Att Theft Over $500

Herbert Wayne Reall Iii Pdl/Motions $5,000 Bond-Jail Pd
19-Cr-47/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Assault
Ct-2/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Meth
Ct-4/ Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-5/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-6/ Evading Arrest
Ct-7/ Resisting Arrest
Ct-8/ Driving On Revoked License

Ricky Ray Shelton Arraignment $50,000- Jail
19-Cr-85/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Ronnie D Stines Arraignment Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
Judgment 4-8-11
4213/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Sale Sch Ii
5690/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Viol Hmo

Tyler Drew Taylor
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol $3,000 Tn Bonding Pd
Judgment 2-15-19
18-Cr-151/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Over $1,000
Ct-3/ Dosl
19-Cr-6/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Nancy Roselee Young
Pdl/Motions $55,000 Bond-Jail Pd
18-Cr-159/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Intro Of Weapon Where Prisioners Are Quartered
Ct-2/ Manf Sch Ii