General Sessions Court Johnson County,
The Honorable
William B. Hawkins,
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Laura Ann Arnold
Viol Date 7-25-18 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-241/Theft Under $1000/Diane M Wales

Thomas Lynn Baldock Jr
Gs-19-Cr-342/Inv J Norman
Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Ii

Kevin James Beal
To Have Dl Pro Se
Gs-19-Tr-117/Dl Violation/Thp M Brown

Randall Kirk Blunt
Violation/Sgt J Woodard
1St Offense/
Sgt J Woodard

Pam Jo Boggess
Gs-19-Cr-402/Public Intoxication/Dep J Ferguson

Coty Blake Brown
Drving W/O License/Dep J Ferguson

Stacey E Daley
Preliminary Hearing Canter
Gs-19-Cr-207/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-2/Criminal Conspiracy
Gs-19-Cr-208/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

Joseph Randolph Denney

Jennifer Lynn Dixon
Gs-19-Cr-519/Inv J Norman
Cts 1-3/Poss Sch Ii Resale

Jason Scott Dugger
Gs-19-Cr-358/Criminal Trespassing/Dep J Ferguson

Zachary G Eastridge
Preliminary Hearing Roberts
Gs-19-Cr-209/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

William Brandon Fritts
Gs-19-Cr-521/Fugitive From Justice/Dep A Worley

Jose B Marcos Gonzales
Gs-19-Cr-380/Underage Driving W/Impaired/Sgt C Brown

Marty Guy Greenwell
Hearing/Stnaw Roberts
Gs-18-Cr-861/Poss Sch Ii/Sgt J Norman

Michael L Greever
To Have Dl Or Plea Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-287/Dorl/Dep J Ferguson

Cora Jane Hayworth

Walter J Heershcap
Gs-19-Cr-493/Simple Assault/Ptl Z Reece

Jadey Henderson
Gs-19-Tr-217/Speeding In Construction Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Heather L Hicks
Gs-19-Cr-374/Vandalism/George Cornett

Hunter Ray Hicks
Tbi Cdrt & Div Viol Date 4-30-19 Pd
Gs-19-Tr-253/Dep B Sexton
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Gs-19-Cr-299/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Dep E Martin

Garet Wes Howard
Gs-19-Cr-510/Inv J Norman
Cts 1-3/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Cts 4-5/Maintaining Dwelling
Gs-19-Cr-511/Inv J Norman
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-2/Poss Sch I
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para

Larry Kenneth Hyatt
Gs-19-Tr-64/Left Of Center/Dep B Sexton

Dana Douglas Johnson
Gs-19-Cr-522/Harassment/Michelle Sizemore

Mitchell Stephen Johnson
To Have Atty

Dennis Ray Biddy Johnson
Gs-19-Cr-385/Domestic Assault/Ptl Z Reece

William Edward Lewis
Hearing/Stnaw Canter
Gs-19-Cr-223/Telephone Harassment/Inv J Norman

Allen Ray Main
Status Viol Date 6-12-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-501/Fugitive From Justice/Dep J Ferguson

Wayne Howard Maxwell
Status Bush
Gs-19-Cr-389/Reckless Endangerment/Inv B Sutherland

Jeremiah M Mccraw
To Have Dl
Gs-19-Cr-155/Dosl/Dep J Ferguson

Thomas Vincent Mclaughlin Fallin
Gs-19-Cr-437/Dep E Martin
Ct-1/Disorderly Conduct
Ct-2/Resisting Arrest
Ct-3/Assault On Officer

Norman D Miller
Tbd If Nft Stout
Gs-19-Cr-80/Domestic Assault/Dep R Mink

Heather Nicole Minks
To Have Dl Or Plea
Gs-19-Tr-49//Sgt J Peters
Ct-1/Driving W/O License
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Ct-3/Altering Plates

Stephen Andrew Moore
Preliminary Hearing
Viol Date 6-17-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-503/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Resisting Arrest
Ct-3/Unlawful Poss Of Firearm As Convicted Felon

Bobby Scott Morefield
Gs-19-Cr-400/Dorl/Dep J Ferguson

Terry Dale Mounts
Gs-19-Cr-517/Inv J Norman
Cts 1-3/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Cts 4-5/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-6/Poss Drug Para

Cameron J Nelms
Gs-19-Cr-382/Sgt C Brown
Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para

Mindy Leigh Phillips
Gs-19-Cr-401/Dui 1St/Dep J Ferguson

Michael E Quesenberry
Gs-19-Cr-359/Criminal Trespassing/Dep J Ferguson

Tabitha Ashley Price
Gs-19-Cr-518/Inv J Norman
Cts 1-2/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-3/Criminal Conspiracy
Ct-4/Poss Drug Para

Ronald A Reagan
Hearing/Stnaw Pd

James Randy Lee Reece
Gs-19-Cr-513/Sexual Offender Registry Violation/Tdoc J Carver

David D Reesman
To Have Atty
Gs-19-Tr-321/Dep E Martin
Ct-1/Registration Violation
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Brandon Dwayne Roark
Gs-19-Cr-516/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Dep J Ferguson

Weston Tyler Roberts
Pro Se
Gs-19-Tr-164/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Expired Registration
Ct-2/Light Law

Roye Dean Spicer
Modification Of No Contact Order Pro Se
Gs-18-Cr-916/Domestic Assault/Chief Inv S Brown

Joseph P Storie
Tox Result Pd
Gs-18-Cr-809/Dorl/Dep J Ferguson
Gs-18-Cr-972/Dorl/Dep J Ferguson
Gs-19-Cr-126/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Dui 1St
Ct-2/Dorl 3Rd
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para
Ct-4/Tampering W/Evidence

Mitchell Lane Stout
To Have Dl Stout
Gs-19-Cr-70/Dorl/Ptl Z Reece

Timothy J Trivette
Tox Result Landstreet
Gs-18-Cr-961/Dep R Mink
Ct-1/Criminal Trespassing
Ct-2/Poss Sch Ii
Cts 3-4/Criminal Impersonation

Jacqueline E Vonronn
Gs-19-Cr-360/Criminal Trespassing/Dep J Ferguson

Tiffany R Woods
Gs-19-Cr-407/Poss Sch Ii/De J Ferguson

Rebecca Jacquiline Worth
Gs-19-Cr-383/Domestic Assault/Ptl Z Reece

Criminal Court
Johnson County,
The Honorable
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

1. Zachary G Eastridge Pdl/Motions Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 2-15-19
18-Cr-70/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Vi For Resale
18-Cr-177/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Fantasia Justice Sky Garland Pdl/Motions No Bond-Jail Curtis
18-Cr-116/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Identity Theft
18-Cr-129/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property $10,000 Or More, Less Than $60,000
18-Cr-176/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Jonathan Wyatt Gwinn
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Hyder Judgment 6/18/18
16-Cr-98/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Reckless Endangerment
Ct-2/ Simple Poss Sch Iv

Rodney Lynn Henson
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol $5,000 Bond-Jail To Have Atty
Judgment 5-11-18
17-Cr-65/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Promotion Manf Meth

Blaise Matthew Samion Pdl/Motions Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Hyder Judgment 2-12-17
16-Cr-44/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Ii For Resale

Jamey Ray Waddell Arraignment Probation Viol $3,000 Sanford & Son
Judgment 3-23-15
13-Cr-122/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Contraband Into Penal Facility