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County’s quarterly reports mostly positive and approved unanimously

By:  Marlana Ward

Freelance Writer

The county’s commissioners, officials, and department heads assembled at the local courthouse to discuss monthly business at the Johnson County Commission meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2017.
One of the first items of business addressed by the commission was to officially recognize and voice appreciation for Jerry Farmer’s service to Johnson County.  Farmer passed away recently after many years as bailiff at the Johnson County Courthouse. Vice-Chairman of Commission Rick Snyder read aloud a proclamation which documented Farmer’s lengthy work in law enforcement as well as the many accolades he had received over his career.  County Mayor Larry Potter shared how Farmer took his job very seriously and how Farmer’s friendliness and dedication would be missed.  Commissioner George Lowe made the motion to officially accept the proclamation as a commission and Commissioner Huey Long seconded the motion.  All in attendance voted unanimously to approve the proclamation.
During the public comment portion of the meeting, David Lawrence of Trade stepped forward to share his recent bout combating stolen checks.  Lawrence shared how his government payment which was direct deposited to his bank account was stolen by check thieves and how this had put him in financial distress.  Vice-Chairman Snyder expressed the commission’s sympathy for Lawrence’s situation but explained that there was nothing that the commission could do as a legislative body to help with the problem.  Snyder thanked Lawrence for taking the time to speak to the commission.
At 7:10 pm Vice-Chairman Snyder announced that at that time the meeting would recess into an executive session.  All commissioners, the mayor, county attorney, and a few department supervisors exited the courtroom to reconvene in another room.  The executive session lasted approximately fifteen minutes. Those who had exited the courtroom returned to their seats and the regular county commission meeting continued at 7:25 pm.
Quarterly reports for the various departments within the county body were given to the commissioners for review ahead of time and a portion of the departments had representatives available for any questions the commissioners may have.  Airport nanager Dave Garris gave the commission a positive report about the summer quarter at the airport.  He shared that the airport had been very busy with great numbers and great people visiting the location.  Angie Stout of the county health department shared that the department would soon have a full time dentist on location to better serve the local community.  Also included in the quarterly reports that were given to commissioners were reports from the following departments:  Accounts and Budgets, Emergency Management, Highway, Library, Planning Commission, School System, Sherriff, Solid Waste, Trustee, and Veterans’ Affairs.  All reports were approved unanimously.
Notaries unanimously accepted by the commission were Rebecca Gouge, Mary Ann Hamilton, William Cockett, and Cristy Clark Taylor.
The budget amendments, which were given to the commissioners for review beforehand, were approved along with the request by Accounting and Budget Director Russell Robinson for the approval of two leases for the school system.
The next item brought up for discussion was the proposed transfer use of a transmitting tower from the county to the Cold Springs Utility District.

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