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Commissioners discuss budget, tax issues

By:  Rebecca Herman

Freelance Writer

The Johnson County Commissioners met on Thursday, October 20 in the upper courtroom of the Johnson County Court House. The meeting began with departmental quarterly reports; there were three departments who did not send a representative to answer questions that commissioners may have. The commissioners voted to accept all of the quarterly reports, except for the trustee department. They voted to hold off on accepting this report unless a representative from the trustee office came to a meeting in order to answer some questions that the commissioners have. The commissioners voted to approve two new notaries: Shirley W. Michael and Kathy Poole.
Russell Robinson spoke about the budget, which had been submitted and approved. He then informed the commissioners about a clause that gives the mayor and clerk authorization to pull money in the event that the cash flow from one or more accounts will go into the negative. Robinson explained that the tax notices were delayed in being sent out, due to a problem at the printing company. This may cause a delay in funds being received, so Robinson wanted to let the commissioners know that there was a chance he may have to pull some funds in order for the accounts to have a cash balance. “It’s basically a safety net,” said Robinson. He emphasized that money would only be transferred if an account was going to be overdrawn and that the money would need to be paid back by June 30, if it was used.
A public hearing was held to approve the consolidating of the Dry Run Utility District with the town of Mountain City. “They want to resolve themselves. There has been poor management and they are aging out. It’s not that we want to do this, but it is just a matter of time before the state will turn it over to the county anyway,” said Mountain City Mayor Lawrence Keeble. The commissioners approved the consolidation.

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