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Butler farmer grows massive sweet potatoes

sweet potato only

October 31, 2018

Terry Potter of Butler, TN near Cove Ridge Marina raises what he calls “the sweetest potatoes you have eaten.” These sweet potatoes are unusual in another way. They are enormous.

Potter’s secret is simple. He weeds his garden vigilantly and removes rocks from the soil. All a good garden needs is some TLC.

“The good Lord takes care of the rest,” said Potter. This is his fifth year showing off the fruit of his labor. To get a better idea of how massive these sweet potatoes are, Potter’s largest sweet potato weighed in at 22lbs. 13 oz.

Mr. Potter’s wife cans the sweet potatoes. Potter suggests baking them for 5 minutes at 350 degrees. The skin should peel right off. Then chop and boil the sweet potatoes before canning them for a rainy day.