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August commission meeting draws good attendance

This month’s meeting of the Johnson County Commission was well-attended as many citizens came out to hear discussions about topics they were passionate about and hoped to see action taken on by the county representatives. Among the night’s topics were two items, which especially drew good numbers to the courtroom in support.

A large portion of the public citizens in attendance were there to support County Extension Agent Rick Thomason in his quest to have the county commit to the Ag Center idea he presented a few months ago. Among those in attendance to show support were members of the JCHS FFA and others involved in the local agricultural scene as well as civic organizations interested in the use of the proposed center.

At the May commission meeting, Thomason had given a presentation asking the group to help facilitate an Ag Center which would also serve as a meeting place for local civic organizations to utilize as well. During that May meeting, Thomason was given the go ahead to explore funding options and to return to the commission with estimates on costs and how much the county would be responsible for if  the project received the green light.
Thomason spoke to the commissioners and answered questions from the group. Commissioner Mike Taylor presented a number of concerns the commissioners had mentioned about the project during the night’s earlier held budget committee meeting so all commissioners were made aware of previous discussions.

A number of the commissioners currently seated voiced that they did not want to commit the county to the project on the cusp of a transition to new commissioners and it was once again tabled to be presented again at the next meeting. Johnson County Commissioners will meet on September 20 at 7 p.m. at the Johnson County Courthouse.
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