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This week's church announcements

Mountain City Presbyterian Church to hold welcome reception for new pastor
Mountain City Presbyterian Church welcomed Con Sauls as our new Pastor on October 1.  An official welcome reception will be held for Con and Nancy Sauls on Sunday, December 6, from noon to 2 pm at Mountain City Presbyterian Church. The public is invited to attend.  

First Freewill Baptist Church to hold
fundraiser and Christmas bazaar
A barbeque fundraiser and Christmas bazaar will be hosted by the Just Over Youth of First Freewill Baptist Church on Friday, December 4th, 4:00pm until 7:00pm at the church on Hemlock Street. Meal includes barbeque, baked beans, slaw, dessert and drink. Adults $6. Chicken nuggets and fries for children under 12 for $3.

The Joyaires to sing at Central Baptist 
The Joyaires from Harriman, TN will be singing during the 11:00 a.m. worship service at Central Baptist on Sunday, Dec. 6th.  For more information about their ministry, you may visit their website at  Pastor Rick Thomason and the congregation invite everyone to this special service.

December Released Time Schedule
School/Sessions Date/Time Meeting Place Finish Time
Roan Creek (3) Dec 1/8:45 Pleasant Grove 11:45
Roan Creek (3) Dec 2/11:45 Pleasant Grove 2:45
Doe (3) Dec 3/8:15 Bethany Baptist 11:15
Mountain City (3) Dec 7/8:30 First Christian 11:30
Mountain City (3) Dec 8/8:30 First Christian 11:30
Laurel (3) Dec 8/12:45 St Johns Meth. 3:00
Shady Valley (1) Dec 9/1:00 Shady Baptist 2:00
* JCMS (3) Dec 14/10:30 Mt. City Presb. 2:30
* adjusted due to month starting on a Tuesday

2015/16 Released Time Schedule
Middle School 10:30 Group 1
11:15 Group 2
1:00 Group 3
1:45 Group 4
Roan Creek 1st Day 8:45 4th grade
9:45 5th grade
10:45 6th grade
Second Day 11:45 1st grade
12:45 2nd grade
1:45 3rd grade
Doe 8:15 1st & 2nd grades
9:15 3rd & 4th grades
10:15 5th & 6th grades
Mountain City 1st Day 8:30 1st grade
9:30 2nd grade
10:30 3rd grade
2nd Day 8:30 4th grade
9:30 5th grade
10:30 6th grade
Laurel 12:45 K- 2nd grades
1:30 3rd- 4th grades
2:15 5th – 6th grades
Shady 1:00 All grades

Shady Valley Baptist Church
to hold revival
Shady Valley Baptist Church will be having Revival with Dr. Ronald Lynch bringing the message.  Services will the nightly Thursday December 3rd- Saturday December 5th at 7:00pm to close up with Sunday morning service at 11:00 am to be followed up with the Church Christmas Dinner. Please come out and join us.