I was just wondering recently how many Johnson Counties there are in The United States. I knew there was a Johnson County in Texas, and I suspected there were Counties named Johnson in some other states as well. So, I did a little checking and found that there are 10 states with counties named Johnson other than Johnson County, Tennessee.

The other states that have counties named Johnson are Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas.

In Arkansas, Johnson County was named for Judge Benjamin Johnson. The county was formed from Pope County in 1833. The county seat is Clarksville. The county is located among the counties in Northeast Arkansas.

Johnson County in Georgia is located in East Central Georgia. The county seat is Wrightsville. It was formed in 1958 and was taken from Washington, Laurens and Emanuel counties. It was named for Herschel Vespasian Johnson who had been Georgia’s governor.

Johnson County Illinois is located in the extreme southern portion of the state. The county seat is Vienna. The county was taken from Randolph County and named for Richard M. Johnson, then a U. S. Congressman from Kentucky, later Vice President of the U. S.

Johnson County Indiana was formed in 1823 and named for John Johnson, Judge of Indiana Supreme Court. The county seat is Franklin. The county is located in the south central part of the state.

Johnson County Iowa is located in southeast Iowa. The county was organized in 1838. The county seat is Iowa City.

Johnson County Kansas is located in Northeast Kansas. The county seat is Olathe. The county was organized in 1855 and was named for Rev. Thomas Johnson, a political leader who was assassinated in 1865. Ironically our own Johnson County was named for a Thomas Johnson.

Johnson County Kentucky is located in the eastern part of Kentucky. It was formed in 1843 and is also named for Richard M. Johnson. The county seat is Paintsville. If my memory is correct, Paintsville was once a member of the Appalachian League, a minor league baseball league that includes Johnson City, Kingsport, Elizabethton, Bristol, and others.

Johnson County Nebraska is located in Southeast Nebraska. It was formed in 1855 and named for Richard M. Johnson. The county seat is Tecumseh.

Johnson County Missouri is located in west central Missouri. The county seat is Warrensburg. It was formed in 1834 from LaFayette County. Believe it or not my source says the county was named for Richard M. Johnson. That makes four counties that were named for him. He must have been a very popular public servant.

Johnson County Texas is south of Fort Worth. Its county seat is Cleburne which is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The county was formed in 1867 and named for Middleton Johnson, a Texas Ranger.

I just thought it is interesting that there were other counties in the nation named Johnson County. In this column I’ve tried to include some information about each one. I’ve never visited any of those 10 counties, but I think it would be interesting to do so. But, I would always come back to Johnson County, the county of my birth.


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