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Tomahawk kids share their favorite books with our readers

I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a great book because it has a lot of funny parts and some serious parts when it is appropriate in the story.

The main characters are two middle school students named Greg and Rowley. I can almost always relate to Greg depending on the situation. That is probably the main reason I like this book. Some of the other characters are Greg’s older brother Rodrick, his dad, his mom, and his younger brother, Manny.

The main plot in the story is where Greg is trying to become popular in school but nothing is going his way. At the middle school he gets jealous of Rowley but by the end of the story they become friends again.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an awesome book and series and I think that every kid should give it a chance. So if you like to laugh, check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you don’t own the book, Ms. Linda in the library will hook you up! Happy reading!
~By Rory Springer
12-year-old brother of Lacy Hilliard

My favorite book is Dinosaurs Pop Up Book by Steve Van Buskirk. I think dinosaurs are very interesting. They are really big. Some ate plants and some ate insects and other animals. Their tails were long like lizards. Some walked on 2 legs and some on 4 legs. My favorite dinosaur was called a Polacanthus. He had large spines on his back. I really liked my dinosaur book.
~ By Joshua Holloway
five-year-old son of David Holloway

A Book I really Like. My favorite book is the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Jeff Brown. The things I like best about this book is one of the characters is a flat boy who’s name is Stanley Lambchop. Stanley can fit in tight spaces like an envelope about 12 inches long. He can also fit under a door. What makes him so talented is a bulletin board fell on him overnight and now he is only half inch thick. He went to Egypt to help with a robbery at a museum. Stanley finally met up with the person to talk about his mission. He was set up with a camel to go to a tomb. I really like the ending of the story. It talks about how Stanley got back to his family. The way he did it was in a package instead of an envelope and he dressed differently also. When he came home he was dressed as a mummy. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories. I know I really did. If you want to read more about this book look it up at your local library.
~ By Jonathan Holloway,
ten-year-old son of David Holloway

Book review of “Out of my mind,” written by Sharon M. Draper

This book is about a girl named Melody who can’t talk. Everyone thinks she is mentally disabled, but she really has a mind of her own. Even her doctors thought she was mentally disabled.
Melody loved music and loved to hear people speak. Her mother always believed her daughter was normal in every way, except for speech. Melody was also in a wheelchair. Every night her father would sing to her and tell her stories. She was very smart, but she couldn’t communicate so no one ever called on her at school.
Melody was finally able to talk to others with the help of a computer program. She shocked her parents one day when they came home. As they opened up the door, Melody spoke to them. She took her computer with her to school. The teacher called on her one day. She answered with her computer. When she gave the correct answer, everyone was surprised how smart she was.
Melody was able to answer a school contest questions correctly. She was supposed to represent her school in a competition in Washington, DC, but something happened to keep her from going.
You should read this book to find out about Melody and her struggles. The book gives others a different point of view about people who have disabilities. You should believe in them. I would recommend this book.
~ By Olivia Chapa,
nine-year-old granddaughter of Paula Walter

“Pinkalicious Fairy House” is my new favorite book. I think Pinkalicious is so pretty and I love the color pink just like her.
In “Pinkalicious Fairy House,” Pinkalicious and her brother Peter build a house for fairies to visit in their garden. The house has seashells for a path and even a pond in front! Pinkalicious and Peter sleep outside all night to try to see the fairies. They never see them but they do see a really pretty surprise in the morning.

I love Pinkalicious Fairy House because the pictures are really pretty and it’s so funny. I can even read it myself! Reading is a lot of fun and my mommy says that I’m a big girl because I can read now.
I hope all girls will read Pinkalicious Fairy House because it is a ‘pinktastic’ book!
~Elora Hilliard
six-year-old daughter of Lacy Hilliard