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This week’s Accent

By Marlana Ward

Freelance Writer

The Johnson County High School (JCHS) Library was filled with many examples of young artistic talent as the Spring Semester Art Show took place Monday, May 2nd.  As parents, loved ones, and local art enthusiasts perused the displays, young men and women took the chance to voice their views of the world and life using various art techniques and materials.

Students are introduced to several different artistic techniques throughout their time in Art I & Art II, Instructor Cristy Dunn’s class.  Amongst the different mediums students are exposed to are paints, ceramics, mosaics, sculpting, sketching, and much more.  “The chance to use the different media types can bring out talents the student never expected,” Dunn explained.  Passion awakened for art by discovering new ways that ideas and emotions can be conveyed remain with students throughout their entire lives.  “Even if they choose not to pursue art after high school,” explained Dunn, “what they learn stays with them forever.”

The different pieces on display showed many varying viewpoints of teenage life and emotions. Some artists chose to take on the country’s current political situation, some chose popular culture references, nature scenes, self-portraits, pictures of friends, and even emotional responses to everyday pressures all teenagers experience at one time or another.   When starting out, the students in Art I may choose to replicate art that they have seen and enjoy.

Dunn encourages them to always credit the original artist and use the inspiration they gain as a stepping-stone to explore what their own artistic voice may be.  “I would find pictures or sculptures and try to replicate the idea, but it wasn’t until this year that I started doing ‘My Art’ and realizing it’s impact,”  JCHS student artist Abigail Arnett explained her creative journey while in Dunn‘s class.

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