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The mountain tops glow white

Logan Vincent

1st Place
The mountain tops glow white as a light filled sky
And the beauty of the valley below
Nestled in the glow
Of the moon upon the snow
The wind begins to sigh

And now begins that special time of year
When homes are filled with warmth and cheer
The dashing snowmen down the lane
Wearing top hats and holding canes
Wink at passersby

Shop windows on a slippery street
Glow on every face they meet
Boys and girls in Christmas love
Gaze up at the stars above
Trimming through the clear night sky
And out on every street corner you hear…

I’ll be home soon my love
A man sighs on the phone
And tries to catch the late flight home
I love you my dear

And his babies are at home in bed
Wearing santa hats of red
Waiting for the daddy on Christmas morning
Oh what a gift

And the windows are cold and fogged over
The smell of pine and cookies and milk on the counter
And presents round the tree…

It’s such a silent night
Santa’s over the city in flight
And in the hearts of young and old
As Christmas comes love will unfold
And wrapping cluttered all over the floor
But we won’t bother with it, we won’t touch the door
We’ll just hold each other tight
In front of the firelight
It’s a beautiful sight
And we’re happy tonight
Daddy’s home
Walking in a winter wonderland…..
James Parsons

2nd Place
Mountain tops lay white with the first winters snow, fireplace blazing – no where to go. All the tree leaves have turned from green to red and gold, now they are all gone with the winter winds blow. Kids are out playing – no school today. Hoping that many more days, this snow will stay. Thanksgiving is upon us; Christmas is on its way. Pray that Christ is put back in Christmas, after all it is his day.
Samantha Mays

3rd Place
Bright lights and Christmas Cheer,
tis the season is oh so near.
Break out the stockings and trim the tree,
ornaments, hot chocolate, and memories.
Be kind to others in all you do,
this time of year may be a hard walk in their shoes!
Give and give and give some more,
It’s part of what this seasons for.
Most of all hold your loved ones tight,
remind each other who was born Christmas Night….