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The Lewis' garden is all about family

“Nana and Papaw’s house is best … hugs and kisses … kids spoiled here … good home cooking … old time stories.” The handmade sign in Jake and Arlene Lewis’ yard says it all. Their lives, their home and their garden are all about family.
Pulling into the driveway at the top of Marvin Brown Hill up Forge Creek, the welcome and homey atmosphere of the place wrap around one like a warm glove. The Lewis family has lived here for 40 years and have poured love and work into making their house, yard and farm into a home and sanctuary for their family.
In recent years the idea of outdoor living has taken hold and people all across the country have started gardening and decorating their porches, yards and gardens. This is not a new trend for Jake and Arlene. Their family has always enjoyed the outdoors, and they have spent much time and effort making their surroundings comfortable and beautiful at the same time.
A warm late May morning finds honeybees buzzing busily about the red roses that cascade over the bank directly behind the Lewis home. Clear mountain water trickles down the rocks on the hillside into the tranquil lily pond waiting at the bottom. Multi-colored day lilies, magenta foxglove, and pale pink shades of peonies and native ivy dot the landscape.
Bright splotches of red, white and purple impatiens line the walkways and peep shyly over the edges of hanging baskets on the covered deck. Tangerine hues of geraniums nod their heads in the bright sunshine by the side door while velvety snapdragons lift their faces along the front walkway.
Gorgeous red clematis climb posts on each side of the driveway entrance and purple lupines sway gently in the breeze. A second pond graces the front yard complete with an array of green, pink, purple and white blooms of various origins. Blue star flowers dance against a rick of firewood on one side of the property while an old-timey swing hangs from branches of the giant shade tree beside the barn, just waiting on a visit from the four Lewis grandchildren.
A little black bear hangs sweetly to an old stump that proclaims welcome to visitors. The statuary belonged to Arlene’s beloved late mother, Marie McGlamery, from whom she inherited her love of gardening. Various figures decorate nooks and crannies of the property including a bullfrog couple happily watching over the lily pond, birdhouses and feeders for the feathered friends, garden gnomes and other cute little critters.
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