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The JCHS players give an epic performance of A Christmas Carol

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

What holiday season would be complete without a bit of “Bah humbug?” The classic Charles Dickens tale, “A Christmas Carol” was performed on the Heritage Hall stage by the Johnson County High School Players this past weekend.

The set for A Christmas Carol was somewhat minimal compared to previous JCHS Players productions. However, the performance was still visually stunning (like the Ghost of Christmas Pasts’ cloak that gave ‘sparkle’ a whole new definition) and the costuming flawless.
The role of Ebenezer Scrooge was portrayed by fantastic JCHS Senior, Morgan Eggers. Eggers made a big impression on audiences last season with his enduring performance of Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and his performance of Scrooge is certain to inspire further local buzz. Eggers displayed an impeccable ability to transition from a jaded and greedy Scrooge to the reinvigorated, bright-eyed philanthropist he becomes in the end.

Bob Cratchit was played by the brilliant Gerald Seaberg who also made his mark in the Wizard of Oz for his portrayal of the Great and Powerful Oz. The charming Seaberg was perfectly cast as the kind but strong Bob Cratchit. Seaberg has an uncanny ability to capture an audience with a charismatic wisdom that reaches far beyond his years.

Nate Plyler, who’s new to the Heritage Hall stage played the Ghosts’ of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Plyler gave a performance so phenomenal, it certainly made the audiences wonder where his talent had been hiding all along. His booming voice carried from backstage like a freight train – a loaded warning of what was to come in Act II. Plyler was easily one of the best parts of the JCHS Players production of A Christmas Carol.

There were several supporting roles in A Christmas Carol, including the role of Scrooges’ nephew, Fred, which was played by Nathan Timbs. Timbs was a solid cast as the kind and enduring Fred who forever holds out hope that his uncle can see the error of his ways.
Other supporting roles include Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s late business partner, who was played by Scottie Tester, Amy Cratchit who was played by Elizabeth Coffey, Mrs. Crachit who was played by Michelle Snyder, Ebenezer’s mother who was played by Tory Walters and Mikayla Fletcher, Ebenezer’s long lost love, Sara, who was played by Anabelle Cratch, Ebenezer’s sister Elizabeth was portrayed by Sidney Timbs. Gerald Seaberg doubled up, played the role of young Ebenezer in addition to Bob Cratchit. Stacey Ward played the role of Mattie, a beggar woman that provided some much needed comic relief in the final scene and Robbi Howell acted Tiny Tim, perhaps the most notable character in the story. A cast of carolers played an integral part in the production and they were played by Marly Eggers, Maggie Aldridge, Maddie South, Hollie Roush and Montana Woodard.

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