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Thanks for giving

Dear Editor,
The Johnson County Heating for Seniors Fund Wishes to Say:
As we enter this holiday season with a very cold start, I might add, I am feeling very thankful to all the wonderful Folks who answered my request for a donation for the JC heating for Seniors fund with a check.
It is proving once again that this county has the most generous people in the world in it.
All the individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations that gave freely of their hard-earned money to help those less fortunate.
I again say a whopping THANKS to each and every one of those who contributed to our cause. We provided heat for 68 seniors last year and never turned any eligible senior away. Thanks to folks just like you last year.
This endeavor for the 2019-2020 winter, raised a grand total of $11,250.00 for our fund, all from the people listed below:
Johnson County Bank,Carol Redd,Danny Herman Trucking,Shouns Methodist Church,First Christian Church,Jeanne Courtney,Farmers State Bank,Mountain Loan,Danny Herman, Anonymous,Family Prescription Center,Iron Mountain Construction CO,Big Johns Close-outs, Adams Pharmacy,Trade United Methodist Church,Uptown Hair,Hawkins Jewelers,Central Baptist Church,Appalachian Land Survey,Mountain City Dental,Lisa Freiss,Wesley Chapel Methodist,Bill Farmer Roofing,FUMC Unique Boutique,Mountain City Funeral Home,Joyce Bell, Jackie Torres,Shady Valley Presbyterian Church,McQueen Farm Equipment,Dick Grayson,Laurel Springs Community Church,Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Capt. Jim’s Seafood Restaurant, TN LLC The Tennessee Book, First Baptist Church Main Street, Levi Retirees Doug, and June Gundon.
So folks, pat yourselves on the back our fund in the blue once again, we are ready and willing to help any Senior in Johnson County who Is low income and needs help to heat their homes.
God Bless Johnson County and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gwen Bell, President Sr. Heating Fund.