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SONshine and Reign's Grateful Gathering inspires a cornucopia of thankfulness and generosity

Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photogpraher
Nobody could accuse Angie and Gary Gambill of being idle. Angie is the editor of The Tomahawk and her husband Gary is a pastor and a vendor of inspirational books. The pair are also parents and grandparents and it likely won’t be long before they can add foster parents to that resume as well, having recently become certified. As if it weren’t enough, the Gambills have also decided to form a new ministry –SONshine and Reign. The Gambills have big plans for their ministry but their philanthropic journey began on Thanksgiving Day.
“Without a doubt, the inspiration for the Grateful Gathering came from God. We have been sensing Him speaking to us for some time now and have been earnestly seeking His Will for the future,” said Angie Gambill. The Grateful Gathering was held on Thanksgiving Day at the Crewette Building in Mountain City. The task was great but the mission was simple – feed the hungry within the community. And feed them they did. Nearly 200 people received a hot meal that day. Some came to eat at the Crewette Building, where the tables were decked out in festive décor –others who were homebound had a hot meal delivered directly to their door. When asked why the Gambills chose to begin their ministry with the Grateful Gathering, Angie responded, “One afternoon a few months ago, I was having a conversation with a couple of my friends about hunger in the area, and everything just starting clicking in my head. All the pieces to the puzzle that had been running through my mind suddenly started coming together, with the picture finally forming of a farm where folks could work for a hot meal. At that point, I went home and started relaying all this to my husband. I really wasn’t sure what reaction to expect from him, but he listened to me and then very calmly said, ‘I’ve known for awhile that we should be feeding people at Thanksgiving.’ For a moment, I thought he hadn’t heard me correctly. How did we get from a farm to a Thanksgiving meal? Then he said, ‘That’s where we start.’ So that’s what we did. We started making plans and getting the word out that there would be a free meal of turkey and all the trimmings.”
While the Gambills did the lion’s share of work for the Grateful Gathering, Angie stated, “We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community. We knew we wouldn’t be disappointed, but we weren’t prepared for the outpouring of love we’ve been witness to. The magnanimous spirit in this county is amazing.”

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