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Second Amendment Sanctuary

Dear Editor

As an American citizen, an active voter, and a Johnson County resident I find it interesting that any community in America thinks its right to bear arms would be violated. Perhaps the propaganda has been erroneous. To my knowledge, no Democrat or Independent wants to take guns away from anyone. What has been called for are stricter background checks and gun laws pertaining to military weaponry.
I own guns and have a license to carry, exercising my right to bear arms. The problem facing America is the utilization of military weaponry to maim and kill people in our malls, our churches, our own backyards, our synagogues, our meeting places, and in our schools. You do not need military weaponry to kill children. Or adults. Or teenagers. Or anyone. The fact is that the chances of survival when hit by military weaponry are almost nonexistent. No one wants your guns. Most of us decent people don’t want anyone killed at all and certainly not our children. However, there are a few Indecent souls who think any kind of killing is a good idea and demand assault rifles and more. These people, the ones who have been killing the children, the teenagers, the people they never met and don’t know and never will know-these people have made a mockery of the right to bear arms and in so doing, are making a mockery of you by telling you lies and you are believing them.
The NRA has long financed American politicians while profiting to the tune of billions of dollars for which they haven’t paid ten cents in taxes. They like their cushy position and want you to think that anyone other those who take their dollars are bad guys who are after your guns. That is propaganda or an outright lie. What decent people want are restrictions on military weaponry in the home and on the street, more in depth background checks, and they want the NRA to pay taxes like any business should and to quit buying politicians.
There has not been nor will there ever be one single gun worth the life of some mother’s and father’s innocent child. Teenagers are meant to reach adulthood and go to school with no fear. Churchgoers should be able to pray without armed guards. Families should be able to enjoy a backyard barbecue without posting sentries around the perimeter of their yard. And all of us, every single one of us who values Life should be strong enough to lay down military weaponry and pass a more extensive background check before we buy guns and use them and be glad to do so. Responsibility begins with you, the gun owner. And that’s where it should be.

Karen Melton