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Johnson County Community Theatre presents The Hallelujah Girls

The Johnson County Community Theatre presented The Hallelujah Girls, an eight-person hilarious Southern comedy this past weekend at Heritage Hall. The talented performers quickly took their audience to Eden Falls, Georgia, a small Southern town where friends were as close as family.
After the unexpected death of Vonda Joyce Kirkley, her five dear friends realized that life is all too short and precious. Sugar Lee Thompkins, played by Judy Walsh, was hit hard by the death of her friend. Life for Vonda was all about when she would finally lose weight, then she would go dancing or take classes she was interested it. “She kept putting off happiness,” Sugar Lee contemplated as she and the rest of the girls reminisced. Sugar Lee had her friends meet her at an abandoned church, much to the surprise of her friends. Sugar Lee has decided to fulfill a life dream and open up a day spa in the old church. “It's not too late for us to become the people we were meant to be,” Sugar Lee stated. “Life is like Jello, said a worried Carlene, played by Kathleen Henderson, “Once it's set, it's done.”
Although the women were concerned that Sugar Lee would take a large financial beating, they jumped in and helped with the opening of the new day spa, known as Spa-Dee-Dah. Every Friday, the colorful women gathered together, determined to achieve their dreams before life passed them by.
Carlene Travis had been married and widowed three times. She was known as “The Black Widow of Eden Falls.” Carlene had not yet begun to date again after the death of her third husband, but local postman Porter Padgett, played by Michael Eggers, would soon change her mind. Nita Mooney, played by Janet Griffith, has a son who seems to have the knack for always getting in trouble, who is always asking her for money, or bringing people home and kicking Nita out of her bedroom onto the couch or relegated to the picnic table to sleep. Nita works at the county clerk's office and soon takes on another part-time job. That's not enough as her son ran up her credit card, and Nita takes on yet another job working at the Sausage on a Stick restaurant. Mavis Flowers, played by Judy McGuire, is unhappily married, so much that she asks the women, “How can I fake my own death?” Crystal Hart, played by Dorinda Walters, has become the one who celebrates all of the holidays, complete with her own special costumes, cookies and song.
One day, out of the blue, the love of Sugar Lee's life reappears back in Eden Falls. The part of the high school ex-boyfriend, Bobby Dwayne Dillahunt, is played by Ray Branch. Unbeknownst to Sugar Lee, Bobby Dwayne was contacted by Bunny Sutherland, played by Kathy Terrill, to come back to Eden Falls to work on a job, which just happened to be repairs to the spa. Bunny has a sugar-sweet voice that can't begin to hide the fact that she wants to buy the old church and turn it into a museum, and nothing will stop her. As Sugar Lee stood in shock as Bobby Dwayne walked into the spa, Bunny came waltzing in. “Well, who says class reunions aren't any fun?” gloated Bunny. Sugar Lee turned to her girlfriends and with a shocked look on her face admitted, “The smile on my face is a big, fat lie.” Giving her encouragement, the friends agreed that Sugar Lee handled the situation well.
Soon there are problems with the structure of the day spa, and that does not go unnoticed by Bunny. Scheming and conniving, Bunny makes it her business to destroy Sugar Lee's business and her life. Determined to get her hands on the day spa, Bunny, with a smirk on her face, announced to Sugar Lee, “You're out of here, toots.” After discovering that Bunny was the one who caused a rift between Sugar Lee and Bobby Dwayne back in high school, Sugar Lee tells Bunny, “You are as common as kudzu!”
The Hallelujah Girls takes the audience on a journey of friendship and making dreams happen over the course of a year. Mavis, with the help of Sugar Lee, decided that maybe she needs to leave her husband to find out if he really loves her. Mavis begins partying, walking into the spa one day, dressed in spandex pants, high heels, a leopard-print blouse and a hangover. Sugar Lee helps Mavis realize that perhaps her husband does still love her. Porter proposes to Carlene, declaring “I realized I need you by my side forever.” However, Porter's mother isn't on board with the marriage, and Carlene is soon back on the dating scene, her life busy with a calendar full of dates. Bobby Dwayne admits he still holds a special place for Sugar Lee in his heart. “I'm nuts about her,” he declared.
The Johnson County Community Theatre production of Hallelujah Girls was directed by Judy Walsh. This entertaining Southern comedy was written by the team of Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, who have written other comedies such as The Red Velvet Cake War. Events such as The Hallelujah Girls could not be possible without the support of local businesses. Linda Moon, master of ceremonies for the evening, acknowledged the contributions from Johnson County Bank, Farmers State Bank, Maymead and Mountain Citi Marketing and Consulting.

Filled with memorable one-liners that will bring tears of laughter, there will be another opportunity to see this hilarious, side splitting and laugh-out-loud comedy presented by some of Johnson County's finest talents at Heritage Hall at 7:00 pm, Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd.