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Parkdale is expanding, bringing new jobs to county

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd along with Parkdale Mills officials announced today the company will invest $120 million to expand its Mountain City operations making it the company’s largest ring spinning installation. In order to accommodate the expansion, Parkdale Mills will increase its existing footprint to include an additional 222,158 square feet and create 80 new jobs in Johnson County.

“Parkdale Mills is the largest manufacturer in Johnson County, and today’s announcement is a tremendous uplift for the area’s citizens and its outstanding workforce,” Boyd said. “This is great news for Mountain City, and we’re thankful to Parkdale Mills for choosing to further invest in our state and create more jobs for Tennesseans.”

“Parkdale Mills is grateful for the opportunity that has been provided by the state of Tennessee and Johnson County to further invest in our future,” Parkdale Mills President Charles Heilig said. “Our associates deserve this opportunity to create another world class operation that fits within Parkdale’s manufacturing footprint. This project will near its completion on our company’s hundredth birthday, and we could not imagine a better community to celebrate this milestone with.”  More...

Creative ideas to keep the kids entertained on snow days

By Paula Walter

Winter has hit with a vengeance this past week. With the frigid temperatures, ice and snow that have recently plagued much of the country, going outside for more than a few minutes has not been an option. It doesn’t take long before you hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored,” echo through the house. It’s time for some tried but true indoor activities for young and old alike.

An all time favorite hands on science activity for children is making a baking soda and vinegar volcano. Gather play dough or clay and create the base of the volcano, hollowing out a bottom where the explosion will take place. Scoop baking soda into the volcano and add some vinegar. If you want a bigger eruption, simply add more of the baking soda and vinegar and watch the excitement. It is handy to keep some old towels on hand in case things get out of hand. More...

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