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Everybody's a cowboy for a night when the rodeo comes to town

By Marlana Ward

Johnson County was treated to an exhibition of western-style entertainment and sportsmanship when the Spurnín S Rodeo came to town for the 26th annual Mountain Heritage Days Rodeo September 5th and 6th. †The rodeo took place at the Chamber Park on Highway 67 in Doe Valley. This event is one of the most anticipated annual activities for the families of Johnson County.

The night began with tribute being paid to each branch of our nationís military. †A horseback rider carrying the flag representing a branch would ride the perimeter of the ring as that branchís theme played over the PA system. †The audience responded to each rider with enthusiastic applause and cheers. After the military service men and women were recognized, a rider emerged from the gates carrying the American flag. †She and her horse came to the center of the ring where they stood respectfully with the flag. †All in attendance showed great reverence as our national anthem rang through Doe Valley. More...

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