This & ThatWhat would we do without electricity?

Last Sunday evening a thunderstorm roared through Mountain City. As I write this column I hope and pray nobody was hurt or had property damage from the results of the high winds, hail or lightning the storm brought. A brief look around our house showed no apparent damage but the wind sure blew pretty hard and there was penny-size hail on the ground. There were also a lot of leaves on the ground as a result of the storm.

A brief electric power outage occurred at our house but re-setting the electric clocks was the only chore it necessitated. One of our clocks sets itself by picking up a radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado. Imagine that. It also accounts for Daylight Savings Time. Those types of clocks are relatively inexpensive considering the complex works inside them and the sophisticated system the signal uses to reach the clock.

The short electrical outage that occurred started me to thinking how important electric power is in this modern age. I am very cognizant of the fact that many folks in other countries donít yet have electricity available.  More...

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