This & ThatScientists work with nuclear particles to obtain answers

While I chose words to be the tools with which to make my living, I am interested in science and mathematics too. I never pursued those fields of knowledge beyond college, but over the years I have read about them a lot, especially the field of science.

What has interested me most is the field of nuclear physics. I subscribe to Popular Science magazine, National Geographic, and The Smithsonian. Occasionally in one or the other there’ll be an interesting story about the advance in knowledge in the field of nuclear physics.

Atomic Physics or course deals with Atoms as a whole, nuclear physics deals with the inner workings of the atom or primarily the nucleus of the atom. When atoms are split a great amount of energy is expended. Even more energy is expended when atoms are fused together. Our sun is powered by nuclear fusion. Dr. Albert Einstein pointed out the awesome power in the atom in his famous equation where energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. It is interesting to note that the atom was once considered the most basic part of matter. Now, nuclear physicists say there are small components of the atom such as quarks and other atomic particles. The word “atom” itself is derived from a Latin word that means indivisible.  More...

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• Scientists work with nuclear particles to obtain answers

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