This & ThatBlue Ridge Parkway is an engineering marvel

It has been awhile since my wife Mary and I traveled on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But it was a pleasure to travel on it to Asheville, North Carolina a few years ago. I believe it was the second time we had taken that route to Asheville. Perhaps you who are reading this column have also viewed the mountain vistas that can be seen from that winding road. The parkway was a great feat of civil engineering. It is 469 miles long, meandering along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains through North Carolina and Virginia.

Iím only guessing, but I imagine there are a lot of folks viewing the autumn leaves along the Parkway now. According to the Blue Ridge Parkway folks, mid to late October is usually a good time for leaf viewing. Since the Parkway varies from 650 feet at the James River in Virginia to over 6,000 feet in North Carolina, the leaves change in higher elevations first and later in the lower areas.

You really donít have to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway to see beautiful foliage. With all the tree-covered mountains and woodland here in Johnson County, usually there is a plethora of fall colors. But the elevation of the Blue Ridge Parkway as it hugs the mountain crests makes for a special experience to drive on it. The variety of colors is another draw the Parkway has. More...

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• Blue Ridge Parkway is an engineering marvel

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