My TurnOnline threats should always be taken seriously

By Lacy Hilliard

Several months ago, a controversy erupted at Johnson County High School over an app called StreetChat. For those that are unaware, StreetChat enables users to anonymously post photos with captions in a forum designated to their specific high school. It didn’t take long for the posts to turn ugly. Hate was spewed using every vile word imaginable complete with photographs of the intended target.

The StreetChat incident inspired me to write two opinion editorials on the topic. It also motivated me to speak with school officials. Many of the school officials I spoke with were outraged and concerned while others clearly thought I was overreacting. One such official even asked while feigning concern, “Were you bullied in high school?” The tone with which the question was asked led me to expect that a “bless your heart“ would inevitably follow as it was a clear attempt to find a reason as to why I would involve myself in something they obviously considered unimportant.  More...

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