Local NewsThree new restaurants opening in Mountain City

By Bonnie Davis Guy

Ground has been broken, blocks are being laid and soon Mountain City will have three new restaurants. Mayor Keeble confirmed that Bizzies, Little Caesars, and a broasted chicken restaurant are approved and are coming to Mountain City as soon as construction is complete. As you pass the building sites, you can see all three making daily progress toward an eventual grand opening.

Bizzies, once a Mountain City favorite, will once again be open for business in a brand new location and building. Closed for the past few years, many have been wishing for the restaurant to return. There is no word yet on the exact menu, but if it is similar to the Bizzies of old, where most any choice from burgers and fries to tacos will be fresh and tasty. Bizzies, as well as Little Caesars, will have drive-thru style stores on Highway 421 beside Howard Enterprises. Little Caesars, a well-known national pizza franchise, will be at the same location. It will be a separate business. Pizza lovers will soon have a new and inexpensive choice when it comes to takeout pizza and other menu selections. Little Caesars is best known for its hot and ready $5 menu with no call ahead ordering required for standard pizza and bread stick selections. More...

School Board holds final meeting of school year

By Lacy HIlliard

The Johnson County School Board met in regular session on Thursday, May 14. The board continues to meet throughout the summer, however, the May meeting was the last meeting during the 2014/2015 school year.

The meeting began by honoring the employee of the month as well a presentation of exceptional students from Shady Valley Elementary. The Employee of the Month for May is Karen Blevins, however, she couldn’t attend the meeting so the Employee of the Month for June was honored in her stead. David Wilson was named June Employee of the Month for his tireless service and according to Dr. Mischelle Simcox “his positive attitude.” Dr. Simcox went on to say that Wilson “always has a smile on his face,” which earned him the nickname “Smiley.” Richard Price, Principal of Shady Valley Elementary, was in attendance with high praises about his students. Danielle McKnight, Rebecca McKnight, Jason Hartman, Harley Hartman and Carol Leonard were all recognized for their hard work in achieving academic excellence – many under adverse circumstances. More...

City Council deals with various issues in meeting

By Bonnie Davis Guy

The Mountain City Council meeting was called to order and Mayor Lawrence Keeble, Aldermen Bud Crosswhite, Bob Morrison, Kenny Icenhour, and Jerry Jordan were all in attendance, along with City Recorder, Sheila Shaw, and City Attorney, Steve McEwen. The first order of business for the evening was the approval of the consent calendar, followed by council members concerns and comments.

Alderman Jerry Jordan mentioned complaints regarding the flashing light at the high school. This matter will be investigated further. He also brought forth a concern regarding children carrying bikes across the rock barricade to ride on the closed bridge. It was decided and a motion approved to post no trespassing signs and for law enforcement to take appropriate action if they witness an event of trespassing by unauthorized persons on the bridge. The major concern is public safety. Engineers working on the bridge have been clear that it could fall under stress. The goal is to have the bridge repair complete by the end of this summer. The city attorney is now working on easements to work on water lines on either side of the bridge project. More...

Rep. Timothy Hill listens to citizens’ concerns at town hall meeting in Mtn. City

Representative Timothy Hill, Republican District 3, held a town hall meeting on Thursday, May 7th at Lois Café. In attendance were many Mountain City citizens as well as Mountain City Mayor Lawrence Keeble. The primary purpose of the meeting was for Hill to give an overview of what is going on in the state regarding bills, budgets, and projects as well as hearing concerns from the county. Hill began the meeting with the excellent news that the state government was able to come up with a balanced budget of $33.3 billion. Tennessee’s budget has remained within the guidelines set forth and is balanced and expected to pass without issue. This is a big plus for the state and its residents, especially in light of the fact that many states are suffering from huge budget deficits with no relief in sight.

Hill went on to explain that Tennessee was not only able to balance its budget and stay on track, but it is also an excellent place for businesses. He said first and foremost, Tennessee manages its budget and does not allow it to get out of control. Secondly, the state pays its bills and debts in a timely fashion. Example, the state of Tennessee is number two in the nation for best roads; however, unlike Texas who is number one but carries a huge debt for road construction and repair, Tennessee pays as it goes and carried no road debt. Hill touched on the fact that officials are looking at a possible gasoline tax increase but pointed out that there has not been an increase since 1989.

Education, especially the replacing of Common Core Federal Standards with new Tennessee State Standards, is a very hot topic currently. Work will continue on creation and implementation of the new TN Standards before the 2017/2018 school year. Governor Bill Haslam has an education initiative called “Drive to 55” which is a push for 55% of all Tennesseans to have some sort of post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree. Now that Promise Tennessee is in effect (paying for students to attend any state community college free of charge for at least two years) Hill and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s attention is on getting higher education closer to the students of Johnson County. Both have been working diligently on getting North East State Community College a full campus in the county, as well as working with TCAT-Tennessee Center for Applied Technology. For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk. More...

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