Local NewsTown to buy old Ramsey building for demolition

By Jonathan Pleasant

After months of discussion, research, and deliberation the Mountain City Town Council finally made a decision concerning the old Ramsey Five and Dime building downtown. Citing the serious public health hazard the dilapidated and moldering building poses, including its potential as a fire hazard to neighboring downtown buildings, the council ultimately determined to purchase the property and have the structure torn down.

Although the issue has resurfaced time and again over the past few years, talks got serious this past summer when the Johnson County Farmers Market began looking for a permanent home. Denying the organization their first request to locate in Ralph Stout Park, the city then began looking at Ramsey’s as a viable substitute. There has been little interest in the proposal from the market itself, but this has not deterred the council from finally settling the problem of what to do about the downtown lot.  More...

Timbs named state’s first Director of Instructional Leadership Support

By Billy Ward

Dr. David Timbs’ influence stretches from Mountain City to Memphis. A former English teacher at Johnson County High School, he is the state’s first Executive Director of Instructional Leadership Support. Educators, administrators, and students across Tennessee will soon benefit from his drive and passion for learning.

Timbs began his career in 1993 teaching journalism and English at JCHS. The King College, now King University, graduate was also a student earning a Master’s Degree from Milligan College in 1994. In 1995, he taught the county’s first Advanced Placement (AP) English course for high school seniors. Later, the course evolved into a dual enrollment program allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school. These classes provided students a taste of college level work as well as in-depth dialogue on important works of literature and current events. Timbs encouraged students to think for themselves and develop the ability to support their position. “You can’t straddle the fence or you’ll hurt yourself,” he says. “I challenged the students and they in turn challenged one another.” Keeping students engaged as active learners, he prepared them not only for the challenges they faced in college but their role as citizens of the global community.  More...

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