Letters to the Editor

Evelyn Cook encourages residents to get excited about local history

Dear Editor:

Members of the Long Journey Home Committee join me in thanking Jack Swift and The Tomahawk for the excellent article on August 19th. Many people who were not yet aware of the upcoming event now know that they can join in the celebration of Johnson County’s rich heritage all day on September 26th. Speaking of our heritage, please note that Tom Dula was captured on Doe Creek, nor Roan and that Colonel Grayson’s grave site is in the Zionville, N.C. cemetery, just across the state line from Trade, TN.

We deeply appreciate the article’s emphasis on the committee. It would be difficult to bring together a more creative, energetic, and dedicated group. Watching the plans come together with each member assuming significant responsibility has been inspiring. I am overwhelmed with pride for each member and for our county as well. The deeper we dig into our history the greater the richness of musical and artistic history we find. What a wonderful legacy we have community by community. From Shady Valley to Sutherland and Laurel Bloomery, from Butler and Doe Valley and Forge Creek and Trade, from Mountain City and Roan Creek, Dry Run and all the other communities in Johnson County, we are rich beyond words. Let us all get together on the 26th and celebrate this heritage.

Brochures will be available at the 10:00 a.m. unveiling of the latest Cristy Dunn mural, which will be across the parking lot for Food County on the old Muse Hardware Building. Follow directions found in the brochure for a happy, eventful day of music, food, and fellowship.

End the day by going to Heritage Hall at 7:00 p.m. to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of service that Heritage Hall has provided to the county. There you will enjoy Jeff Little and his group, interspersed with skits performed by Johnson County Community Theatre and Johnson County High School Players.

Evelyn Cook

School System thankful for MCE's assistance at Longhorn football game

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Mountain Electric for their help on Thursday, August 20 at our opening home football game. During that game, we had lighting problems due to faulty equipment belonging to the school system. Had it not been for Mountain Electric, particularly Steven Bishop and Charlie Grindstaff, the game would not have continued. So, on behalf of the Johnson County School System I would like to offer our sincere gratitude to Stephen, Charlie, and all the good folks at MEC. They are an asset to our community and school community.

Stephen Long
Supervisor of Athletics, Johnson County Schools