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Unicoi wins over Johnson County in volleyball match

By: David Holloway

Freelance Writer

Tuesday night, the Lady Longhorns faced the Lady Devils from Unicoi in what would ultimately end in a disappointing match for the Horns. It was senior night for JCHS meaning this would be the last home game for the senior players and their expectations were high.

Before the start of the match, each of the senior Lady Longhorns were called out by name and recognized along with their family members by their side and were presented a rose and a round of applause from the supporting crowd. The seven senior ladies are: Sarah Tierney, Rachel Poteet, Tayla Clark, Brooke Garr, Mollie Crowder, Brooke Brown and Brionna Reece.

Electricity was in the air as the first game started. The Junior Varsity team had just had an exciting comeback to win their match. You could feel the momentum was favoring the Varsity Lady Longhorns and you could tell they were pumped up for this match. They jumped out to a quick 2 – 0 lead and then the Lady Devils were able to battle back to tie things up at 3 – 3. The Horns then proceeded to go on a five-point run increasing their lead to 8 – 3 before Unicoi could slow them down. After exchanging a few points back and forth, unfortunately for the Lady Longhorns, the momentum then shifted back to the Lady Devils and they went on a six-point run to bring the score to tied at 10 – 10. The game continued to be a tug of war contest all the way to the score of 21 – 18 in favor of JCHS. There was a very long rally for the next point and afterward the Lady Devils coach called a time out. Afterwards, the Lady Devils proceeded to make every point for the rest of the game ending with Unicoi winning 25 – 21.

The second game started similar to the first as the Lady Longhorns seemed to have regained control of the momentum and quickly found themselves up 6 – 1. The momentum shifted back to the Lady Devils though and they ran the score up to 11 – 14, outscoring the Horns 13 to five. After another point for Unicoi, JCHS regained control and ran the score up to 16 – 15. The game ended much like the first game with both team exchanging points up to 22 – 21 and then the Lady Devils scored the rest of the points to win the game 25 – 22.

The third game found the Lady Longhorns quickly down 3 – 0 before they could battle back to gain a few points. With the score 6 – 3 in favor of the Lady Devils, the ball was spiked with a very powerful hit that bounced off of Krista Warren. Whatever winds that were left in the sails for the Lady Longhorns seemed to have disappeared after that point as the Lady Devils were able to march on to victory winning the game 25 – 13.

Even though the Lady Longhorns lost all three games, they played very well. Brionna Reece had four blocks and six kills, Rachel Poteet had nine digs, six kills and 10 assists, Krista Warren had 13 assists and Tayla Clark had 17 digs. Coach Crabtree stated, “We just couldn’t finish the game. The girls played well in spurts but just couldn’t find a way to get over the hump. It was tough to lose on senior night because these seniors have worked hard and tried their best. They have been good examples for our team to follow.”